Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So we had ourselves a little Valentine's playdate

Rimmel's Punk Rock

Some of you know I like a half-birthday playdate for the kids because, well, winter parties are just not as fun.

We were away this year for the half-birthday and since they're in school proper, looks like we'll always be away for their proper birthday and half-birthday, which really, is there anything better?

So we settled on a Valentine's playdate instead.

We invited about 8 kids, 4 accepted and 3 sets pitched, which is about standard for my RSVP rates. When the one mom RSVP'd, she asked if the kids should wear red and white, and I said, "That's a fabulous idea. Why not?"

Our craft one day was to make red paper hearts. Surprisingly I had no red paper so we used the side of crayons and coloured white paper.

We had pink, red and white food which was really fun once you get your head in the game. Can I just give a shout-out to Woolies for their beetroot chips? Expensive (R24 a bag) but YUMMY!

The kids ate apples, yoghurt, marshmallows and a few cupcakes. Good for me, they were not into the beetroot chips - more for me!

I thought the moms would stay too but sadly, they didn't. The one mom did want to stay but she had to take her other kid to a party.

Oh well.

While I'm on it, am I the only one who still doesn't have a school mom friend? I have three that I can text to check details, but that's not friends, it's friendly. The one mom I am more friendly with but it's not like we talk apart from matters regarding the kids.

Connor's hands
The kids all played nicely together and were so adorable that I said at one point, "you guys are SO cute!" and the one child said to me, "if you think we're cute, you should see the new Grade Rs" (she is very precocious and I love it!).

And that was that. Kids were all collected on time, tidy up was super quick and that was our social for Feb.

I think I need to do a little playdate once every 2 months - the kids love it, I actually get stuff in the house done because the kids are occupied, and it's really low-maintenance - I probably didn't even need to buy any extra food, except the cupcakes.

To keep them entertained, I just put out plain paper, colouring pages, glue, scissors, craft sticks, crayons and such, and I leave the kids to create. And run around the garden of course :)

Kendra's hands

I had big plans for this week (all mental!) but I've felt so lazy that I've made exactly no plans with anyone. I did get all my organising done that I wanted to, and I've read a lot already. But while I'm thinking about it, I quickly whatsapped one friend :)

So what are you up to this week?


  1. We're in Durbs for the week and when we leave on Easter Monday, the kids are staying in Durban with nana and grandpa for the week :-) I would have totally stayed with my kids but then again, mine are still young!!

  2. You're not alone! I have no mom school friends. I go to volunteer and sit in at PTA meetings, and some of these people know my kids and name but it doesn't go beyond that.

    I would love to have a date. Even if it were just with myself! Thankfully we have started break!

  3. Nice!! Such a great idea and the number was just right!!! I think as the kids get older and form stronger bonds with friends you would becomes more than friendly with school moms.

    This week was work and nursing a sick baby. Nebulizing her as I'm commenting. Multitasking mama

  4. I have known one of Kiara's friends moms since she started there when she was 3 - so 9 years. We aren't kuier friends but I do consider her a friend. We often call on each other to do last minute pick ups and help with school stuff!

    Cam has just started so no one there yet but I am part of a whatsapp group (thanks to my son putting my name down as class mom).

    I had a moment with the swimming moms while in PE. So much drama and gossip - I tried so hard to stay out of it but they are relentless! Wasn't nice!

  5. It took me ages to make friends with the kids' moms and funny enough - in C's year I have found two good friends. One in L's year and amazingly only 2 in A's year although I have known them the longest.

  6. Nope you are not alone in the school mom friends thing. I also don't have any of those ;-)

    I worked last week, then went to an amazing wedding at Glen Afrique :)

  7. I ADORE the pictures in this post! To be honest, I don't have proper school Mom friends. I am friendly with a few of them and I once went for lunch with the one but we've kind of lost touch. I think I will initiate something there. What a cool idea for a play date! I LOVE IT.

  8. I think I've told you the story of how Liam and his school friend aren't really friends anymore but his mom and I still like each other, lol. So we still meet up. I don't know any moms in Hannah's school - but everything about that school is just WACK. I am not invested in that school at ALL and can't wait to leave so it doesn't bother me.


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