Friday, March 18, 2016

The search for Mexican food

I'm really not very adventurous with trying out new places because I hate wasting money.

Now and again though, D will send me an email with something he's seen and I will still say no, but usually Mexican and Thai places get me out of my comfort zone and like I feel like trying.

The thing is nothing comes close to the Mexican I tasted in North Carolina.

We've been to that place in Melville, Cafe Mex.icho, right opposite Bambanani. We haven't been back in 2.5 years.

We went to Mama Mexicana last year for my birthday (I definitely want to go back!) and I've been to Perron twice - once with Sam (have the glazed pork dish - oh my word, it is absolutely delicious) and once with Robyn (we had tacos but I can't remember what they tasted like - I think we were too busy talking).

This time we went to Baha Taco, which classifies themselves at street food.

It's small inside and the food was nice enough but the portions were very small for what we paid.

nachos were R50
guacamole was R25
beef taco - R60 (one small taco)
chicken taco R40
We won't go back there either. The kids begged for more food after their chicken quesadilla because they were still hungry and truthfully, so were we. But we'd already racked up quite a bill so we left.

Do you like Mexican food?


  1. Mexican food is one of my love languages! :) :) We have a favorite place here...their salsa, in particular, is so fresh and amazing.

    And I just made a big batch of guacamole. That's what I had for supper!

    Mexican food here is generally very economical, and you get a lot (way too much, usually!) to eat.

    Sending you some spicy Mexican food vibes! ;)

  2. Not really sure what Mexican is. I went to a place in the U.S. where I thought I ate fantastic Mexican food and was raving to my Mexican friends about it and was promptly told that most things sold as Mexican are in fact not but American idea of what they perceive Mexican Same as Chinese. SIGH

  3. Love Mexican food! My mom usually makes her own version at home for us on special occasions. Yum yum yum!

  4. Not really but mainly because I haven't really eaten it much. We have a new place open near our house. D and I popped in but I really wasn't impressed but they had literally just opened and the menu was still super small. Maybe we should go back!

  5. You have not lived until you have had Tex-Mex. Seriously.

    We have Mexican food at least once a week. Come to Texas! ;)

  6. Am on the fence about mexican food. I can't do a lot of beans because I get bloated. I last did Mexican in November last year. I ordered an enchilada and it was bland. Just because I don't want it hot doesn't mean you need to forget the salt already! I DO love Thai food though.

  7. I love Mexican food! My one work colleague is married to a pucker Mexican and we are going to her house for a Mexican fiesta in April - I can't tell you how excited I am!

    By the way, did you complain about the portions to the restaurant? I HATE it when you pay exhorbitant prices for a tiny meal that leaves you hungry!!! GRRRRR!

  8. Although I love the taste of Mexican food my IBS does not. And why those tiny portions! Rediculus!

  9. I love Perron! Hey, I also had such an awesome taco at Neighbourgood's about two weeks ago.I even asked the guy if they have a restaurant because I would TOTALLY go back there again! I love Mexican because you get your hand dirty. I love any tapas style food!


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