Monday, April 11, 2016

5 Random Thoughts

1. Today I said to a colleague, I feel like I need a holiday again and then I gasped, because looking at my calendar it's been just 2 weeks since I returned from leave.

But that's just work frustration because when I looked at my monthly review form, March was good.

We now know where we'll be situated in the new structure but the big client sort-out hasn't happened yet which is one of the main things. There is such a lot of work and I think I feel these things more because 1) I'm a firstborn and 2) I'm an upholder. I need to write more about the firstborn thing when I have time.

2. These days I blog here only when I feel like it and it's fabulous. I still blog every M W F on Organising Queen. I was in bed on the weekend reading, reading, reading and I thought, wow, in the old days I'd be banging out a post and now I'm ... in bed reading :)

I did get up to date on the kids' blog, March pics backed up and so on, so my system, although a big OCD, is still working great for me, some 3 years later.

I must say..... I'm loving the cooler weather. The heat is why I've been so unproductive. I only fully realised once it got a bit cooler.

3. My friends' spreadsheet has a total of 34 people on it. Way too many but I've colour-coded it so I don't feel overwhelmed. After I updated the weekend contacts, I see I've seen/ spoken to/ properly connected with 17 of those 34 which is just perfect, don't you think?

4. We had a show house yesterday. Nanny S and I cleaned and the house was sparkling.... but show houses are no joke. We had to readjust our schedule and go to early (full and chaotic) church so that we'd have cleaning time, pay Nanny S double time for those hours, I had to schlep kids around the shops to grocery shop (to use up the time) and then I tortured myself in the Spur and bought the kids and I a waffle and tea to share. And finally it was 5 pm and I could return home.

D and I prayed over our list so now we are just waiting for the perfect buyer to walk through that door and fall in love with this house. This perfect buyer will also have his/ her 10% deposit plus costs saved, and will be more than qualified to get the right size bond. :) (this is how we talk)

Jodi from Practising Simplicity posted on IG last week about needing to find a new rental house and a commenter said, get clear on what you do want not what you don't, go outside, open your arms and thank the Universe, or some such new-agey stuff, but I thought, HEY, God said this stuff first, so we made our list, added our Bible verses and prayed.

5. Term 2 started (oh, right, I didn't say anything - our kids did awesome last term. Interestingly, they both got their worst mark for listening. HA!) and we are in the swing of homework but the boy is (sadly) like his mother and does not like leaving his bed. D tells me he escaped the teacher with the late register by milliseconds.

How are you doing?
Which random thoughts are on your mind?


  1. Praying everything works out with the house. And yes we need to focus on what we want. Hope the work thing gets sorted too...

    Overwhelmed!!! I need a few days off to cleary head but my work schedule is so full it is actually making me nervous :(

    1. Please put in leave for end April :) And thank you for adding your faith to ours xx

  2. How did I miss that you want to sell the house? I really love how you explain how much freedom you feel not having to post every day.

    1. Well, the first time I said anything on social media was on Sunday :)

  3. I also missed you selling the house! I am so sure you said somewhere you would never sell?

  4. Good luck I hope you find the perfect buyer. I also only blog on OSAAT when I need to as everything else is taking up too much time these days.

  5. I'm sure the right person for the house will find it. Oddly, I find a sense of freedom in my quest to post every day, mostly in that I know a new day will bring something different.It's not always amazing, but it's so helped me not feel the urge to go long form every time, and have it be just perfect. Otherwise am overwhelmed with academic work, but after this week it'll be okay for a bit again.

  6. I have had 8 friendship dates since you last posted about getting together with friends. This is a great way to ensure an effort.
    I have a biggish one for next month. More of a big lunch to see the friends with kids so we can actually talk while the kids play safely.

  7. I am like your boy child, I battle to wake in the morning as well!

    I know that God will send the buyer you prayed for to buy the house. You will get your asking price. Plain and simple. It is done.

    Please email me the friend spreadsheet? I am interested in how this all works.


  8. Oy. Son2 is like your boy child too! And your no 2 point is exactly why I'm hesitant to start blogging again. I like doing normal stuff like reading, knitting, bubble baths, tv and hanging out with the kids.
    Random thoughts? Mmmm....I'm wondering about Son2 and school stuff. He's struggling a bit. And I'm also wondering about Son1 who seems very quiet. And I'm wondering how it is that everyone is JUST SO BUSY ALL THE TIME and OK with that. Also. I'm on the parents committee now! I'm wondering if I should offer to blog for the school or something like that.
    The right buyer is on the way. Hang in there.
    I miss you!

  9. What am I doing? I am in my happy place at Plettenberg Bay...therefore I am happy. Random thoughts...rushing off to PE today to see the Chris de Burgh show and then off to Durban tomorrow...and suddenly I need a holiday again.


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