Saturday, April 30, 2016

A few things

Gosh, it's easy when you stop blogging regularly to just stop, isn't it?

I still don't feel bad about it so I'm going with it. But unsurprisingly, I have lots going on in my head, just no inclination to sit down night after night to bang it out on my keyboard.

And the other thing is some of my time's been taken up by phone friend dates, which is the best kind of thing to take you away from blogging.

But, let's do this quickly since it's Goals Night and I've just finished a book, given the kids some hot chocolate, and there's 33 minutes before I need to think properly about supper.

1. I'm working hard, very hard. Partly because that's what I do, and I don't like stuff waiting on me, but also because this house thing is Annoying me with a capital A.

They expect to phone you during peak work hours and get snippy when you tell them you're actually working! Fancy that. I said to two people this last week to please phone after two o'clock because I'm actually at work and my employer is not paying me to sit on the phone with them.

I am tired of speaking to insurance people and getting quotes, but I remind myself that these things are ultimately being done to save us money over the long-term.

So unfortunately, I have to spend some working time on the phone which means I have to crank it out when I'm working, harder and faster, because I still refuse to do very much after-hours work.

2. The house (s)

I'd hoped to hear whether the person who put in an offer on our house had her bond approved, but nothing yet.

We'll have to see next week. Until this house is officially sold, I'm doing my best to not get excited yet.....

As far as the house we've bought, everything is going reasonably well, except for all these people wanting to sell us buildings insurance, life assurance and such. GRRRR.

Every time we buy a property I get cleverer, and so this time I questioned everything, re-quoted on everything and maybe that's also because the sums are bigger, but it does feel as if we're going in with eyes wide, wide open.

On the bright side, the lawyers have left me alone since I paid them a rather astounding amount of money.

3. The kids seem to be in the swing of 2nd term school. However, we will have to have a talk about extra-murals because, for instance, Connor's signed up for soccer. I fetched them this week and I find out that he was "too tired" so didn't do it. However, he was not too tired to run around the field with his friends. Kendra is doing netball but I'm not sure that she's actually doing much there either....

Any of you have kids who do their homework verrrrry slowly? We are only in Grade 1 and already the extreme slowness is driving me batty.

And of course yesterday D and I celebrated 21 years of marriage. The first 14 years were a breeze but since kids, it's hard work, hey? I think we deserve medals :)

10 years ago, in our "youth" - Kuala Lumpur

What's news on your side? How's work, family, your own stuff?

Next up:
  1. I really want to talk about ageing, both physically and attitudes in the workplace.
  2. I also want to talk about how one pays off a bond in 5 years since I get this question ALL the time, more so now that I say, "oh, our house is paid off", but I'm thinking that's best suited to the OQ blog


  1. “WOW! You have a new house! I am so far behind on life!!!!

    Kiara used to do her homework slowly - she still does it now, she will sit down but it will take her ages to actually get through it - you got to let go. Set the boundaries (which I know you do) and if one is done and can go play or whatever and the other isn't then they must sit!

    On the extra murual thing - you also got to ride that one out, unless you are paying for it, then they MUST do it. Otherwise leave them, they will find the one thing they enjoy enough to actually do! Also at GR 1 they don't actually do much at practise”


  2. C is painfully slow with homework but this year he has such a load that he had to get faster. It's been a bit of a battle. With extra murals we are very strict - if you want to do it you do it properly and for the whole season.

    I do hope all works out with the house story

  3. My husband and I joke that parents age in kid years, something similar to how dogs age 7 times faster than humans!

  4. Hi Marcia

    Lovely 'catch up' post :)

    Would love to hear about how you managed to pay off your bond in 5 years. I will be married soon and the next step will be to purchase a house and am currently researching everything I can about this process as well as being finiancially respoinsible about it.

    PS: We know and trust that all will go well with the prospective buyers bond. XX

  5. Joshua rushes through his hwk. Which is why it looks like the dogs breakfast. But that's an ADHD thing. Joel is painfully slow. I have to sit and do it with him. I think they are just tired after school actually.
    Work is HECTIC. But I haven't felt this alive in YEARS! I LOVE learning new things.
    Family is all good.
    Need to catch up on some life admin. Tomorrow is the day - because today I am procrastinating by reading and commenting on blogs!


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