Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Can we talk about this weird weather?

I really don't know what to make of this weather anymore.

It's April - jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt, with sometimes a sweatshirt weather, and yet.... I'm still wearing sleeveless t-shirts, skirts (!), dresses and flip flops.

It's supposed to be autumn! On the bright side, I haven't had a heat headache for weeks so it must be about a degree or two cooler.

This is what autumn looked like in years past: jeans and closed shoes.

It feels very strange because if you look around, Mother Nature got the memo for some bits. Like the leaves are turning and falling to the ground, but temperature-wise, nothing's happening.

And as much as some of you don't like winter, we do need a proper cold winter to kill the germs otherwise it's months of sniffles instead of a week!

I keep wanting to do my 15-second pullovers on my way to work, where I get out of the car and take pics of my feet in the leaves but how can you take pics of sandals in leaves?!

I took this one just to record the craziness of the season.

Look at all the leaves and do you know what the temperature was on this day at about 4:30 - 5:00 in the afternoon? 29.5 degrees C, i.e. summer weather.

By the way, I bought another brand of deodorant and I think maybe my body just needed a break from the Mitchum, because I switched to Shower to Shower, and I'm good again. I think I'll have to do this switching business back and forth, so each speedstick stays effective.

My sister came to visit us a million years ago (14 years ago) in June, and she still remembers that as the coldest she'd ever been. She is not a fan of the Joburg winter whereas I still say it's the best climate ever! 

So how are you enjoying the weather?

PPS thanks for all the comments on the Jozi meetup post!


  1. People talk about the weather all the time. It amazes me what a popular topic it is. I think the planet works in cycles to protect and rejuvenate itself. This is one of those.

    1. I think it's an age thing! I never used to talk about the weather this much in my twenties ;)

      That's an interesting thought - it could very well be a cycle of something.

  2. I really do not think Joburg is that cold - gosh I find PE terribly cold at times,and Cape Town! Not to speak of Bloem. Anyways we were chatting about the weather and global warming and I reminded H that more than 20 years ago my BFF got married on the 29th of April - we both has dresses with chiffon sleeves (I was maid of honour). It was 31 degrees that day - I nearly died! So I suspect now and again there are years like this. Also, today is so nice and cool

    1. It is cold in winter. My CT friend tells me Jhb cold gets in your bones :)

      Am LOVING today's weather :) :)

  3. Hate summer...end of story

  4. Love your autumn photos! Love this time of the year when it's not too cold yet! Not looking forward to winter!

    1. Thank you! I do love taking them so it probably shows :)

  5. I'm discovering my area seems colder than both johannesburg and pta or maybe my house is just cold!!! I love winter so any time the weather gets a bit cooler I'm super excited!! Like Wednesday I was super happy it was cooler than yesterday was back
    To being hot!!!

    Hmmmmm we really must be getting old!!! I was telling my sister the same that it is always very cold in the last two weeks of July because it is always between -2 and 2 when we do walk the talk :)

    1. how interesting but could be. Where our church is is 3 degrees colder than our house's location - only 24 km away, so completely possible!

  6. This weather is driving me nuts! I love summer but if it's going to be cold it must be cold, this chilly in the morning, boiling in the afternoon and chilly in the evening is just so maddening, I never know how to dress myself or the kids!

  7. Gosh, the CT weather is definitely weird. This past Friday we had the CRAZIEST STORM EVER. It was very destructive - trees falling in the streets etc. After that it's been HOT. Cold front tomorrow again. On the bright side, I'm sleeping in fleece. It is FREEZING at night.


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