Friday, April 22, 2016

{Friendship Friday} moving with the times

Well, clearly the concept of the phone date sparked something in all of us because since I wrote that post three weeks ago, I've had another two phone dates and I'm having another tomorrow night.

By the way, that Voxer thing clearly hasn't taken on with any of my friends, so I deleted the app.

But good, old-fashioned cell phones work because we all seem to have free minutes we don't get around to using, and my one friend even introduced me to the concept of FaceTime earlier this week. iPhone to iPhone, and when the iphone battery dies, you can move to your ipad :)

These dates have been such fun. I want to encourage you to try one even if you hate the phone.

The strange thing is I usually hate the phone, but this was Pleasant Phoning, not call centre phoning, you know?

One of my Secrets of Adulthood is that anything is easier to resolve on the phone than on email/ text/ whatsapp.

How has your April been for friend dates?

Also, I haven't asked this for a long time. Are you initiating as much as you're being invited to things?

All three of my dates were initiated by my friends which was really nice! I think I'm setting a good example of initiating though because the other night, Kendra asked me if she could use my phone. She phoned the mom of her friend and arranged a playdate for her and Connor there on Friday!


  1. You only knew about face time this week???? FaceTime is the best . I use that and IMO a lot. IMO is like Skype but apparently better .. I wouldn't know, since I never really liked Skype much. And I first heard of voxer from you.

    Too too busy these past few weeks that friend dates have taken the back burner for now. I'm meeting an old colleague who became a friend and we both kind of initiated and despite our hectic schedules we have made it work and have a date coming up

    1. Apparently no one I know FaceTimes :) I love Skype but not video Skype - too slow in my house.

      yay for you two making the time!

  2. Too much initiating going on my end. *sigh* One day someone else will make the plans.

  3. We somehow struggle with Facetime but we do it with the cousins in Cape Town. I have also started with emailing friends more (as you know).

  4. April started off great for me and I had a jam packed friend date schedule (all but one initiated by me). I've had two cancel at last minute (the one girl ignored me until I sent her a message on the day we were supposed to meet and then made some bs story about forgetting)

    I'm kinda over friend dates for now actually.

  5. April has been FANTASTIC! One double date, one times knitting meetup, 4 one-on-one dates. My tank is OVERFLOWING! I have started to initiate again but I am still holding back a bit.
    Lance and his friend Mike like to facetime! But not that often because it takes a lot of data apparently.

  6. Cassey, I've learned that if you keep doing it, you are the fire-starter and there will never be someone to take up the baton.

    Cat, Facetime is a bit problematic sometimes, but I found it about 10 times better than I expected :)

    Sam, flakey people! So glad you're not flakey! Mind you, it's time to make a date with you again.

    Julia, glad April has been so great for you! YAYYYYY for overflowing love tanks.


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