Friday, April 01, 2016

{Friendship Friday} The phone date

I've had three friend dates in the last week - two in-person and one phone date.

Well first I wrote about the friends spreadsheet here and a friend said, "hey, put me on that spreadsheet, we can do a phone date".

Why didn't I think of that??? :)

Anyway, so she is on the spreadsheet.

I happened to be chatting to another friend on whatsapp (yes, I can stand it in very small doses) and so we made a phone date for Monday.

Do you know what? We spoke for 1 hour 50 minutes.

It was glorious! Glorious! We're going to do this more often and I can't wait.

Aside from that, I also had two "real" in-person dates, one on a Sunday afternoon and one straight after work. Both were, of course, lovely.

It definitely takes effort to connect and I so appreciate it when friends make the effort to connect with me.

My one friend has a 30-minute drive home from work and she always uses this time to catch up on phone calls she needs to return and then to catch up with friends. If it's after 1 pm and I see her number pop up, I know she's on her way home. I love it!

What kind of unconventional ways do you connect with your friends?
Where, on a scale of 1 - 10, is your friendship satisfaction meter for March?

PS has anyone tried Voxer? I've downloaded the app but none of my contacts are on it. It's a voicemail thing, like texts but voicemail.
PPS I've had 7 dates in March, all one-on-one :) :)


  1. Oy. Just lost my comment!
    March was a great friendship month! I had two in-person dates and one phone date! Phone dates with my faraway friends used to be my thing! And then SM came about and that just died actually. I've been making an effort with the phone again and I LOVE it. Coincidentally, I just got back from a friend date. We went to a theatre show and met up two hours beforehand for dinner. It was GLORIOUS! I do g-chat and WA with a few of my friends (especially those who don't like the phone) and I was thinking that I need to get into skype friend dates. I have no idea what Voxer is btw. How different would it be from WA voice notes?

    1. It sounds the same! I don't know. Should you and I try?

  2. I send voice notes as I'm walking across campus. It's an easy for me to stay in touch with folks.

    1. And I love your breathless voice notes :)

  3. My BFF from home (grad school) and I have kept in great touch over the years because we both make keeping up a priority. (That's speaking your language, I know!) These days, we talk a couple of mornings a week...I usually call her after I drop the girls off at school. That means we have less than a 10-minute chat, but we do it consistently, so it works.

    I so appreciate the feeling of reciprocated effort in investing in our friendship.

    Hugs to you, Friend!

    1. That's amazing, Mandy - almost daily takes some commitment. Yes, prioritising is my language definitely!

      Watch out - you're going to get a random FaceTime thing from me one of these days :)

  4. I am so not getting the friend thing going but maybe just because there was so much else going on. A phone date! Now why did I also not think of it. Pencil me down for one please. I wish we were closer.

    I had a long (more than an hour) chat with my cousin - who is actually a friend - we were always the two "little ones" in the family last Sunday. They have moved to the Cape so it was the first chance to have a long chat.

    Then our Friday morning coffee club had a break over most of the holidays but we did see each other the morning the school closed and this Friday for sure. I should write about that one.

    Then on Saturday C had a party at Acrobranch and the mom said in the invite (translated):"This term has been crazy and I see you all as friends. Please do not drop and go and have some cake and coffee with me while the boys party and spend some time as friends together". It was great as firstly we all knew exactly what the expectations were and secondly as the boys were kept busy the whole time We really had a great time chatting - it was also a relatively smallish party and I knew all the moms but one and at least the hostess and two others are actually friends. SO I am contemplating doing something similar one day- not for a birthday maybe bit for a "get together and chat while the kids play".

    1. Send me an invite :)

      I do love this idea of the coffee club! And yay for that mom for being vulnerable and initiating contact.

  5. March was bad for connecting with friends, I think you are the only one I saw face to face actually... April tho is jam packed!

    I WA a lot and use FB and Twitter to connect with people :)

    I also like calling some friends but I don't call a lot of people cos it gets expensive cos I end up gabbing for EVER


    1. Free minutes. I get 50 free minutes a month and hardly use them so they build up quite nicely. I'm going to be making 30-minute chats here and there :)

  6. I have had a good friend month. Ansie and I went for lunch which we don't do enough and my friends rallied around me which was awesome!

    1. As it should have been because it's also your birthday month!


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