Wednesday, April 06, 2016

March was an excellent reading month

The ONE good thing about the heat would have to be my reluctance to move from the couch because that means..............lots of reading :) :)

I wrote a lot about my favourite book of the month here.

I really had a great reading month. I haven't read 10 books a month since Dec (chasing my 2015 reading goal) but before that, who knows when?!

Two non-fiction - both amazing reads, and most of those fiction books were 4 stars, so I had lots of fun.

3 Irish reads :) :)

If you read the same type of books as I do, check my Goodreads profile for full reviews. Goodreads sent me an email today to tell me I've posted 280 reviews (!) and am thus in the top 1% of reviewers.

How interesting.

And the most viewed review of mine is............... I will carry you. Go check it out. That was the first book I bought on the Kindle in 2011 :) if memory serves me correctly.

What was your favourite thing to do or read in March?


  1. Oh gosh - I am Pilgrim - will possibly stay as one of my best reads for 2016 - was an amazing book

  2. My reading took a serious dive in the last month. I read a book that EVERYONE RAVED about and while I liked it I didn't RAVE about it. I had already bought and downloaded the sequel but I am just not feeling it. AT ALL.

  3. I didn't read a single book in March. The new business venture has been keeping me on my toes. And if I had a free moment I spent it colouring my adult colouring books. I am trying rectify the reading situation this month though and am just over half way through with Gone Girl. I just reached a really interesting point so I think I will finish it soon. Next book to read is the one you lent me, First Born Advantage. Don't think I will reach my GoodReads challenge this year. I always read and look forward to your reviews there.

  4. I am with Cat - I am Pilgrim ...but then I love good crime novels or good murder mysteries. I just don't get enough time to read...hopefully this week.

  5. Small beginnings - still reading it. And as always my Aw.ake magazine


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