Monday, May 09, 2016

I'm not a fashion blogger but my favourite pieces of clothing - summer

Let me share with you some of my favourite pieces of summer clothing.

 1. Silver flip flops

These go with everything and were my "To Marcia From Marcia" Christmas present in 2013.

2. Charcoal capri pants

I bought these from Pick 'n Pay clothing, they're so comfortable and the colour means they go with everything.

(there's a theme going on) 

3. Grey and white striped skirt

I used to wear this skirt with a bright blue/ bright pink t-shirt but I Konmari'd those t-shirts last year and I haven't found any to replace them, so sadly, this skirt hasn't seen too much action this summer.

But I love it!

4. Blue Reebok sandals

These cost R180 about 4 - 5 years ago, and at the time they were 50% off at Edgars. At the time I thought they were a bit much, but the cost per wear has been amazing.

I wear them every day when we're at the beach, and definitely almost every time we go for walks.

LOVE them. I have tried to look for new ones but the shops have plastic-y ones these days.

5. Grey t-shirt

To be 100% honest, I have about 5 grey t-shirts, and another 3 sleeveless grey tanks.

I ADORE grey t-shirts. I haven't yet met a grey t-shirt I didn't like ;)

This one is my current favourite though :)

6. Orange printed skirt

I bought this skirt on the same day I met Sam for supper about 2 years ago and I remember telling her I don't know what came over me because I bought this skirt that was very unlike me, but it made me happy.

(pre-Konmari, so very strange for me)

Anyway, I love this skirt. I wear it with black t-shirts, grey t-shirts and the one white t-shirt I own

Tell me about some of your favourite pieces of summer clothing

PS I'll keep track and write a winter pieces post soon. I already have about 5 things on my list :o


  1. I can't say I have a favourote piece of summer clothing because most things I own I'm able to wear in all seasons aside from
    Thick winter type jackets and sweaters.

    I love grey and black and I'm only making an effort now to add more "colour"

  2. My Big Blue skirts - I actually wear them all seasons but they are great with T shirts in summer. I always pack one when we go on holiday - you can dress them up and down

  3. I LOVE a pink top that I bought from Edgars in Sandton 2 summers ago...and I have another lovey that I paid an arm and leg for at Queenspark. I dont buy lots of clothes so I love good quality items. Reminds me that I saw thick material pants almost like cargo pants at PnP clothing that I want to get for winter.

    I need to get new pjs for winter...want cozy fluffy ones...mine that I bought from Woolies a few years ago is feeling the wear and tear now, LOL...the others are feeling very unloved, but Im not a fan of button pjs., which I figured only after I bought 2 extra sets...

  4. My flip flips and my strappy tops and my three quarter jeans, although they are a bit longer than 3/4 but not long long?!


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