Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Two things that thrill me and one that puzzles me

don't worry, this is not currently my phone's state - the day I turned 40
On a rather delightful note, I had a client meeting last week and I asked the client if he listens to podcasts and audible books and he said YES.

This is probably the first person ever besides Se7en to answer yes!

Of course, afterwards, I sent him a link to Gretchen Rubin's Better than Before book (because I'd told him in the meeting he's an upholder!) and her podcast.
These things thrill me like no other.

Sam bought me this book for one birthday! XXX
Something else that thrills me is the Personality Hacker podcast. They have an episode on each Myers Briggs type. Just imagine - 40-something minutes of listening to two people discuss things that make you tick, and why. It's heaven!

There are also episodes on what gives each type energy, and motivation, and such. So useful. I had a HUGE aha listening to the energy episode.

If you don't know of it yet, download it from the itunes store or they have their own app for Android phones.

And prepare to be amazed!

I was thinking about something the other day - I'm such a Big Reader and yet I don't belong to a book club, I don't like reading outside my genres nor do I like to particularly discuss books. I can discuss and tell you about non-fiction but that's it.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Modern Mrs Darcy has a podcast, What should I read next, which is causing big waves all around the internet but I'm not that into it precisely because of the above.

The guest tells her 3 books they love, 1 they hate and then she gives them 3 recommendations.

These are all bookish people (people I think of as English majors!) so most of the time I've not even heard of these books.

The thing that makes me click over and listen occasionally is if a guest is someone I know.

A couple of weeks ago, I listened to one podcast and this woman hated a book I loved. I don't know why I got so riled up but I did. But that's when I realised, better for me to quietly read things and write my little reviews on Goodreads (by the way, I'm in the top 5% of reviewers) and occasionally blog on the non-fiction ones, but I feel far too passionately about things to share those in public!

Do you find yourself passionately sharing about books you read? 

PS if there are any people who are interested in buying physical non-fiction books from me (really cheap, like R20 a book, I need to get rid of books before the move), let me know and I'll send you pics from my phone.


  1. I can't stop talking to people about a book I love. So I don't have your problem :p

  2. I really think you would flourish in the right type of Bookclub. We get totally passionate about the books we read - we tend to differ widely on some, on a few there is total agreement (often the sort of must read books like Me before You, the Glass Castle and A man called Ove.) It's a lively discussion and we agree to disagree before hand. For instance one of the books I hated last year was someone else book of the year. It's one of the things that make bookclub special. Also it gives you the opportunity to read outside your usual genres without spending physical money. I have literally read 5 pages of a book and abandoned it without feeling an inch of guilt because I did not pay for it.

  3. I always wanted to be part of a bookclub, but I have never been a part of one, or the opportunity never presented itself. I do not like talking about a book while I am reading it, but will happily discuss it afterwards. I will read anything. Any genre and I am always looking for new things to read.

  4. And there I was thinking everybody listened to podcasts and audiobooks... surely everybody does. I always have something to listen to "at the ready." I'm with you... the books I love I really love - don't knock them. And I was in a book club for ages, and it forced me to read book that I wouldn't normally read - spread my world a little wider. But honestly, I read for fun and I don't always want to be stretched... sometimes I just want to pick up book and love it, I don't want to analyse the why's and wherefore's about it either.

  5. I'm not a book club person because I like to pick and choose what I read and when. Sometimes I devour a book in a few days and other times I need time to digest the story.
    I'm not big on reviewing books, I just know if I Liked the story or not and if I found it difficult to get into or if it was gripping. I think because I'm a detail person I would battle to review or give feedback as I would give away too much

    If I had a longer commute I would probably do podcasts but it would take me
    Ages to finish because I find I use my commute to catch up on news and that works well for me because sitting to watch news on tv is not high on my agenda these days

  6. Of course I do! But not to everyone. I tend to do it with people who enjoy the same type of books that I would.
    I think that Rina is right. You’ll be just fine in the right book club. I had a chance to join up earlier this year but I just couldn’t see where I would fit it in, so I declined. I am sooooo glad that I declined. I actually want to start my own book club. We are ONLY going to read NF. We’ll all read the same book (even if the subject is boring and it’s not our thing – because we need to be expanding our minds and getting cleverer already!). And then we talk about the book. Mmm....maybe I need to plan it and work out the details so I can give it a go in 2017?

  7. I am so bad at this. My friend Ansie does podcasts and audio books and is constantly telling me about stuff, she even sent me a free audio book in the hopes I get hooked.

    I am listening to TedTalks at the moment - they are fast, short and keep my interest. Anything longer than 10 minutes and I struggle to keep interested. Even with the radio, I LOVE certain shows on CLiff Central but if they are too long they lose me, luckily they have podcasts so I go aback and listen to the second half.


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