Monday, June 27, 2016

5 on a Friday... the friendship version

Let's just pretend it's Friday, okay?

I keep thinking about things to post (about friendship) on a Monday or Tuesday and then I completely forget by the Friday, so let's just pretend, shall we?

I really had a great friendship week last week.

1. My new Spanish dance partner and I went for a very early supper before class on Tuesday. We had soup so we didn't feel too heavy to dance, and it was perfect. Chicken Tuscan soup at Europa if you're interested :)

2. Then on Wednesday my pencil bag was misplaced/ stolen. I'm going to write about this on my organising blog once I publish this post. But that night Julia phoned me for 1 hour 45 minutes, and I swear for the first 30 minutes, I moaned about this pencil bag. It's not about a pencil bag though...Anyway, we had a great chat about life, love and everything else.
I met Sam on Thursday, again for soup! It's my favourite thing on the winter menus (aside from pasta). This time butternut soup at Tashas - delish! Also on the menu was great connection with my lovely friend who I hadn't spoken to properly for 3 months.

4. Then I was in a meeting and I got a whatsapp message which was perfect, letting me know that because I was so busy it was also probably a time I needed my friends. LOVE! And yes, too true.

5. And last but not least, lovely Cassie sent us a special food gift (do you all know how I love food?!) which we enjoyed on Sunday night after our last day's packing. It was a good reward for working hard. If I don't see another box for a while, it will be a good thing :-

What about you?
What's been good in friendship land over the last week or two?


  1. Awe so glad you have a new friend.

    It is so nice when people just notice that you need them.

    We just have so much going on in our life that friendships has taken a very big back seat. It makes me kind of sad specially when you need people the most.

    Hopefully one day we can get out of this funk that we are in but right now all our energy is going towards just "coping".

  2. Yay for having great moments :) Soup ftw! Sorry to hear about the pencil bag.

    And this is the part where I point out spell chck changed my name :p

  3. That's what friends are for... happy holidays to you on the far side of the country!!!

  4. Well my friendship week was great cos WE CAUGHT UP!


  5. I must know what love you and Julia spoke about :)

    Meh! the last few months have been about survival - not much time for friends :(

  6. Gosh I know just how freaked out you would be about that pencil bag - believe me if my special one goes missing I would freak out totally! Apart from you and your highlight lunch its been pretty quiet apart from during the holiday.


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