Thursday, June 16, 2016

It's show time!

Today's my exam!

Since I started Spanish again in March 2014, this is my 5th exam and also the first one I'm doing completely alone.

We're 4 in our class and I'm apparently the only one who was motivated enough to get this done.

I had a wobble last week when I realised how short the time was and how much I still had to practise, and I briefly considered pulling out. After all, what's an exam fee in the grand scheme of things?

But then i thought of doing this same work for another 6 months and that kicked me into gear :)

I am ready for new work!

So pray hard for me at 5.15 this afternoon that my muscles stay warm, my body stays supple, my muscle memory kicks in and I nail this exam!

What are you up to today?
Have you taken tomorrow off work?


  1. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fabulous. :-)

  2. I hope it went well :)

  3. I am sure that you nailed it!

  4. I enjoyed it the least of all my exams so far but still passed. The experience has made me think about whether I want to go in alone again....

  5. Yay!! You passed..

    I was crazy enough to do 2 races in one day.. And I worked on Friday too many deadlines. Enjoying work a bit more these days so that helps.


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