Monday, June 20, 2016

Late night thinking

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I've been wondering why I'm really not enjoying this space any more, and there are a few reasons.

One of them is this:

I feel like all the stuff I'm talking about here is mostly just froth, not even cream, and certainly not the coffee.

I miss the days when we poured out our hearts in these spaces, and they landed in safe places. And yes, when people let you know that they understood you via a well-placed comment.

I also feel vulnerable talking here - I will write a blog about this as it deserves its own special post.

Thank you for your comments on this post. That's another thing. I'm clearly not communicating well these days - I did specifically mean podcast/ book-type things on this blog. I know there are about 5 people who have tried a thing or two on OrganisingQueen :) But yay, Laura listened to that podcast and is hooked. My work is done.

Many years ago I used to feel bad when my friends and family either weren't interested in the coaching/ organising/ authoring because it was such a big part of my life (it's still a huge part of my identity), but I got over that for my own sanity.

These days I have fewer and fewer blogs in my feedly. Not for a lack of blogs, but for a lack of heartfelt, real blogs.

I can't be the only one thinking these things, can I?

Anyway, any late night thinking you want to share?


  1. Let's suffice to say you are not the only one...

  2. I *so* miss the old feel of the blogosphere.

    I think things began to change for me when Google Reader (I think it was?) went away. I never used that, but a lot of folks did. (I still use my good old blog roll!!!)

    That, and most of the folks I used to read have stopped are older...they're working (I guess???).

    I am trying to blog at least 5-6 times a month, because I still enjoy the act of writing. But the "blog experience" as a whole is much, much different. And not really in a good way (at least for me).

    Hugs to you, Marcia!!!

    1. Google Reader was still the best thing ever!

      I don't know if it's just that people's kids are older, etc. I think there's a lack of an engaged audience like it used to be. Look, if you start blogging now and this is the way things are, you accept it but when you knew the old way, it is difficult.

      xxx (right back at you, Miss Mandy)

  3. Diving in... I think when I started blogging two or three children ago, it was so much easier to write heartfelt posts... there was less clutter in the blogosphere, and less clutter on our blogs... I knew who was reading my posts (I could pin point them!!!) and it felt conversational. But blogs grow. When I do write from the heart the same folk respond who have followed our blog from the start... those are our blog friends. When I write informational posts and I know there are tons of them, that's where most of my followers are lurking... they want the facts and fast. I have to mix up my posts and reach both kinds of followers, I don't always get the balance right... but genuine friends do stick around and I am so grateful for them.

    1. You're right about less clutter on blogs back then. Actually, I heard a fabulous statement last week. We're overwhelmed with information but hungry for knowledge (or something like that). I could paraphrase - we're overwhelmed with platforms/ likes/ stats, etc. and hungry for real connection.

  4. I've been a blog reader than a blogger...and it has changed. But some of the change has come from how relationships have grown out of the blogs. And also where we chat with folks - so for me that would be twitter and whatsapp. Mostly, I figure do what you want to do with your space. I though hope your carry on doing so.

    1. I think many have embraced micro-blogging (twitter and IG) and some are happier with that, but I have a lot of words (you'll see when we one day meet face to face!)...

  5. I can't say what I want to say...everywhere has eyes

  6. I am one of those guilty of less heartfelt posts. I miss it but it is what it is for now. I am trying to get back into more of those types of posts but it is also harder with the kids being older and more aware of what I put out about them

  7. I think as blogging Has gotten more commercialized it's lost the appeal for me. Google reader going away also didn't help and Twitter and IG too. And my phone issues add to my problems. I miss the "proper" blog reading days, but I guess it is what it is

  8. Hmmm...for me, I find many blogs are just concerned with punting a brand, and it disappoints me, I feel they are not being real about what they write.


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