Thursday, July 28, 2016

I need to get my mojo back

It's become really easy to eat supper, potter around the house (really, after reading, my absolute favourite thing to do is potter - move this thing, tidy a little here, take a picture of a pretty corner there, organise something there, and so on), get my lunch bag ready, and come upstairs to read with my mug of tea, and sleep.


Especially now that all the boxes are unpacked (well, all except about 3 of D's).

Did you notice what's not in there?

Computer time.

Was this what life was like 4 - 5 years ago?

So this blog and my organising blog are both sadly neglected.

I have kept up with Instagram though. In fact, about a week ago, followers of my @organisingqueen Instagram feed (which is 1 year and 2 months old) surpassed the number of followers of my personal feed, @marcia0608, and that feed is nearly 4 years old.

How's that?!

Too fun.

But I want to make a goal of writing 20 minutes a day, whether I publish anything or store up posts, because I need to get with it in August.

Too many months of being in limbo is catching up on me.

There may or may be photos :)

What does your evening routine look like these days?


  1. But then sometimes we need to just take some of the more quieter things too just to refocus and regroup and "find ourselves" again. In saying that too I have lost my blogging mojo a while back and really struggling to get that back. But I'm having a session in September with myself as a celebration of my birthday where I am going away for 2 days and just re-set goals.

  2. Pick up Nicola. Dinner. Homework. Bath time. Bed time. I do my pottering in the morning. Soooo much to write, but no polite wsy to write it. So it simmers...for now.

  3. The thing that really helps your blogging mojo is a challenge. And your August 20 minute plan sounds like it'll do the trick for you :)

  4. I like your plan - I think it can work well. I am very into reading at the moment so most of my evening time is reading and reading.

  5. Lots of computer time. I really wish I had time to read Marcia. I think it will come when Nicky is older, I hope.

  6. D bathes babies at 17h30 while I either finish dinner, get some work in or this week lie on the couch and try not to die! Babies go to bed at 18h30 and then we chill a bit or I get some more work done. I rarely write at night - I am least creative at night so I normally do work stuff then!

  7. Get home, pick up K go to gym (about 3-4 times a week), have dinner, catch up with K if we don't go to gym, catch up on messages and SM if I've been plugged off. One thing that is different for me is that I rarely watch TV these days during the week... Which is huge for me but I find I would rather spend the time doing other things

  8. I love my evening routine. We get home, do our stuff and then everyone is in bed by 7:30pm. I read, knit, catch up on admin, get to bed early. I miss blogging. A LOT. But going back there means giving something up. And I don't want to give up this evening routine. Not for a very long time!


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