Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Pancakes and other holiday essentials

So we're on holiday.

D said to me when we arrived that it's so nice to know what to expect even on holiday.

(We come to one of two holiday units every time we're here, in the same building).

This one has an abundance of glasses - I think the original owners are huge drinkers of alcohol and entertainers. At home, I have about an eighth of the number of glasses they have here :)

Usually in a holiday flat, depending on how many people the place can sleep, you have exactly that number of plates, bowls, mugs and glasses. Which I personally hate, but let's move on. I feel like they should at least double up - I like to use a lot of crockery.

We're in a 6-sleeper but there are 13 plates, 10 side plates, 9 mugs, probably 100 glasses. They have glass glasses, plastic glasses for outside on the patio - and all shapes and sizes, which is fabulous. I use them for snacks, liquids, everything!

The one thing this flat does not have is a non-stick pan, which completely cramps my style. There is a stainless steel one which I used one day for French toast.... and decided not worth it. And another day, I used an oven tray to make toasted cheese sandwiches.  Also not going to happen again.

I forgot to pack my one-egg travel pan so I went to buy one for R110 (!) on day 1. It is very gorgeous (pastel blue) so I will enjoy it for many months to come, at home.

However, the non-stick pan or lack thereof means we have not had pancakes, a key holiday staple for us. The days have been perfect pancake days (cool weather) so maybe I'll make some egg-sized ones this afternoon.

And our standby for pancakes closed down. New owners are busy renovating, the shop next door told us.

I was so floored I couldn't even comprehend it. It's been a staple for us here for a good 5 - 6 years :)

But yesterday, the kids and I went hunting for pancakes and enjoyed some at a new place. Not up to my standard (I make great pancakes!) or that of the Milk Cafe, but it was good enough. And sometimes that's perfect.

How are you all doing?
What is your cold-weather comfort food?

Here is my other post about pans and knives :) Many feel as I do; one thinks I'm crazy.

PS these photos were taken in January 2014


  1. A great non stick pan is essential in life! We have to have waffles when on the South Coast at the Waffle house - our one treat. Cold weather food - a good hearty stew

  2. Pancakes are a Sunday thing for us - it's our tradition. Cold weather for me is curry and soup season.

  3. You know it is very cold or I'm coming down with a cold if I'm drinking a warm infusion . My current favorite is a lemon and lime one from Kenya. I had 2 cups on Saturday ...

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday? Can't wait to see all the pictures

  4. It's so sad about milk cafe. It was our Balitto thing too!

  5. I like pancakes and often make them for dinner. What about a can of "Spray and Cook"? That should turn any pan into non-stick temporarily.
    We are not on holiday because our school is only three terms. I would love to be on holiday, I am not sure I can hold out to December.

  6. We were in the Kruger last weekend and it was glorious! The weather was mild and we had such a good time. Glad you're having fun at Balito!


  7. I thought I recognised those pics especially the one with the bill...de ja by, hehe. The waffles in the first pic look amazing! All good our side. Had an amazing weekend away at a game lodge with the hubster last weekend and a full day spa in store with girlfriends this sudden plus Dora tomorrow morning with Ethan. So enjoying my social life at the moment!!

  8. I am craving waffles after seeing your 1st pic. It would be so awesome if you could share your pancake recipe. I use the pancake mix and it never tastes as good as the real deal.I love a good stew when its cold. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!!!

    1. Very happy to. It is so easy - I learnt at school :) One of the only useful things in Home Economics even though I got top marks in the standard :)

  9. Its more a case of what is NOT my comfort food. I can eat all the food! But probably a nice curry or my moms soup or maybe rusks and coffee? Or I think actually a pasta!

    Argh ok you clearly see my problem!

  10. When I started reading about dishes and vacation, I immediately thought back to your previous post and hoped you had your non-stick! HA! The things that *stick* in my mind, huh??? ;)


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