Saturday, July 16, 2016

Six on Saturday, the housing edition

So much to say, where do I start?

I've just finished morning gym class and I think I smiled throughout the class - I forgot how much I love the rhythm of my normal life.
Anyway, we were late and both D and Connor insist on a full hour so here I am, blogging.
I also realised that some of what has been putting me off blogging recently is the thought of crafting a post and selecting the "perfect" beautiful pic to accompany it. I'm usually only in the mood to play with photos at certain times when my energy is higher, and let's face it, lately I've had almost zero energy.
So, a post without photos about the housing situation:
  1. We moved house last Friday. I know I said this before but now I really mean it and I am writing it down for posterity's sake. I am not moving again for at least 10 years. I find everything painful - directing movers, having people not read the sides of the boxes, seeing all the boxes, unpacking, figuring out new configurations, etc. Painful. If I were wealthy, I'd pay people to do everything and move in 3 days later (from a hotel) to a house beautifully set up.
  2. I truly do hate having things out of place. The first two nights I woke up at 6 am one day (I'm an 8 am riser) and 3:29 the next day. These are clear signals that my environment is not working, so obviously I was working like a slave to restore order, because I really do like my sleep. Things have been "normal" since then except for one night of 4 hours of sleep - partially a book and partially unpacking til midnight....
  3. The kids have been both happy and unsettled. I feel strange even writing that sentence. Why do we feel that things have to be one way or the other? They can be one thing and the other. K & C love that they can go exploring, playing and adventuring outside for literally hours without getting bored. They also have only slept in their own rooms two times in the eight nights we've been living there. They tell me there are bad people in the house whenever they hear a sound. These are new house sounds but I said to D we need more lights outside (which the old owner left us, she just didn't have time to put them up).
  4. I have already scratched the side of my car reversing down the (very steep) hill so I feel very accomplished every time I drive into my garage without incident. I recognised years ago that I have many talents but parking is not one of them, yet the poor neighbours have to endure me revving that car to get up the hill to straighten out again and again, before going down safely. I can't wait til muscle memory kicks in and I don't have to think or concentrate so hard to just park or reverse my car.
  5. I've kicked into Weird Bond Lady gear already. I go a bit mental when I have any debt. The bond was just registered in July so first payment 1 Aug but of course, I can't wait so I was nagging them to attach to my profile so we can start paying it off. Successfully paid first payment (which I'd budgeted for in case the bond went through a little earlier - the lawyers were scarily efficient) a week later, so now my goal is 59 months left :)
  6. We still own the other (beautiful!) house as the other deal fell through. I'm debating between getting in a short-term rental because the thought of no income or current deal happening makes me a lot twitchy. Pray, send good vibes, send buyers my way, etc.

And that's it - time to get the kids.

What's happening with you? Housing situations? Life? Good and bad things simultaneously, etc?
By the way, are you good with moving, or like me?

(I honestly can't fathom how people move often. I think of my good friend who intentionally moved to a house to move again a year later. My sweet Lord!)


  1. Congratulations on your new home! Where have you moved to?! We are also just settling in and expecting transfer to go through by end July... 😊

  2. We're very very near the school...about 600 m away ��

  3. Yay for feeling settled in the new home. Also rent out the old one while keeping it on the market. You can have the finishing of tenancy as a condition of the sale - so 6 month lease? Or rent to sell?

  4. I still want to know how you pay off your house so quickly??!!! Exciting times with the new house :-) All good our side...wanting to "upsize" our place in the next 1-2yrs but don't even want to THINK of moving. At one stage, I had moved something like 9times in 7yrs so considered myself quite the pro but boy is it a schlep!!!

  5. I absolutely hate moving - I swear it is part of why we are not finding another home.Best of luck with all the settling in. And yes, rent on 6 months or so with a condition on the sale.

  6. I hate hate hate moving equally as much as house hunting. House hunting took it out of us the last time, and while we talked about moving a few times, it has not happened because I cannot face it again.
    Robyn wrote a post once about lifestyles and living and do we live simply, etc (she was much more eloquent...which made me realise we live in a great place and have all we need. No need to stress about a bigger place or gardens, because we are happy where we are at right now.
    I cannot relax when things are out of place, I cannot sit still or sleep. I know exactly how you feel.
    Glad to know that you are settling in and the kids are mostly happy.

  7. Glad you guys are all in!!! I must say adding images in is a freaking pain. I am doing posts for a client and their images have to be a specific size so I spend a lot of time resizing and feeling a lot of frustration!

    We won't be moving anytime soon. We got such a deal on this house that moving just doesn't make sense - we would pay double what we are now for basically the same!

  8. I love house hunting and the idea of being in a new space but not the real move itself. Doing a cursory look around a few years ago made me realize I do love my house. Yes I wish it had one more room and a bigger garden but for now it works for us


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