Sunday, August 07, 2016

All I want for my birthday

So I turned 42 yesterday.

That's a whole other topic of conversation which I will blog about this week.

I was thinking about how I really only want two things for my birthday:
  1. my house sold
  2. my toe healed

1. much has been said but I am recruiting 1 Thessalonians 5 prayer warriors (the pray without ceasing bunch)

2. I mentioned this as an aside in an Instagram caption before but the full story is this:

Round about the 11th July I noticed once I got into bed that my toe was a bit tingly/ numb/ pins and needles. Since it was the weekend after the move and I'd been running around for days I thought nothing of it.

This continued all the time.

I thought I might have circulation problems but even after going to Spanish dancing (lots of footwork!) and Zumba, it was still there.

It is still there.

On 28 July I went to the GP. I'd sent her an SMS to ask if I should see her or a specialist immediately and she wanted to see me first.

There is no other pain anywhere, no referred pain, nothing "happened" as far as I'm aware, so this numb toe is a complete mystery to me.

She thought I might have a slight ingrown toenail, prescribed anti-inflammatories (?) which did nothing for my toe but made all the water taste YUCK. I stopped after 4 days.

On Thursday 4th I went to the podiatrist and it appears I have nerve damage in the toe.

I'm rubbing Deep Heat on my toe every night, no extreme temperatures and such, and going for physio on Friday, and going to see her again on the 29th.

So that's where I'm at.

Such boring, grown-up things to wish for. Might this be a sign I'm growing properly old? :O


  1. Love that interior photo! I am praying for your house - and your toe now. Nothing as sore as something on your foot. I do hope you get a solution soon

  2. Happy belated birthday. Hope all you're doing for your toe sorts works.

  3. Praying for both of your heart's desires to come to fruition my friend! The house is SOLD (at your asking price) in Jesus name! Your toe is HEALED by His stripes.


  4. May all your desires be granted by His grace. Praying for healing and for the house to be sold.

  5. So where are you at with the toe? Is it healing?

  6. I missed your birthday - I am so sorry :(

    Argh about the toe. Its a little annoying these weird ailments. After my hip replacement, the nail in my big toe stopped growing, well it grows but incredibly slowly (great for nail polish but only if the others also did it)


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