Monday, August 01, 2016

Happy August!

Happy August!

I started my 20 minutes of writing last night (to get this one up) and here I am on day 2, so I'm doing well so far.

But today I want to talk about my July reading.

I read 8 books in July, 1 of which was non-fiction.

My favourites of the bunch

1. Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe

This was a new author to me and I loved this book. I love books about food (!), summer, holidays and this had all of that.

A lovely, lovely, read. You'll want to book a holiday to Dorset.

(I then bought another of her books, an earlier one, and that is not nearly as good. Too much s*x and not enough substance!)

2. The Marriage Mender

I loved this book too - again, a first read by this author. It's about how a small thing can creep into a marriage and cause all kinds of havoc, and how easy it is to unravel a really good marriage.

Good pause for thought.

3. Do more great work

I've owned this book for a good 6 years or so, and only pulled out to read on the Gautrain travelling to a client.

I actually did most of the exercises which is really where the magic happens.

I had such amazing insights and I keep telling everyone to get this book. I highly recommend it.

Honourable mention

The Maeve Binchy

This was one I enjoyed the least of all her books thus far. Nothing really I can put my finger on except one of the characters was really annoying. Usually all her characters are equally flawed and therefore relatable, so this was a bit more than I liked.

How did your reading go in July?

Goodreads tells me I'm 16 books ahead of schedule which is lovely... and also means I'm going to slow down a bit if I start blogging more :o

All but 3 of my books were read on holiday, exactly as it should be :)


  1. yay for posts :D

    So my July reading month stuff is here :p But basically I'm 161 books ahead of schedule, my goal was 100 books this year.

  2. I do not count normally...But I decided to get out and read something I do not normally like to read. So two weekends ago I read three Marian Keyes and 2 Jojo Moyes for that weekend. While not fully my cup of tea, they were entertaining, and that is what books are about for me.

    1. I've been recording and counting my books since my last Matric exam finished on 18 November 1991 (Biology :)).

      Good for you on reading that entire weekend.

  3. I read 3 in July of which one was really a challenging read and yeah! I am one book ahead of schedule in my challenge. I am reading a wonderful book at the moment - will tell more about it later and I have read an extraordinary amount of Afrikaans books the last few months.

  4. I only managed 2 books in July but both were excellent. I am 6 books behind on my goodreads challenge of 50 books. Too much coloring hence only 2 books.

  5. I am always amazed at how you find so much time to read! I am 9 books behind in my challenge and I set a paltry total of 40 books... I just can't get to find the time!


    1. Sam, if it's a serious question:

  6. YAY for more blogging!!! :) :)

    I'm currently reading Life of Pi. I know I'm years behind the curve, so to speak, but I'm glad to finally be digging in. The book I bought has such an interesting texture to it...almost a leather-like cover. It's small and has gold foiled thin pages. It reminds me of a Bible. It's decadent to hold!

  7. If reading contracts count then I did a whole lot of reading. Even had to figure out some Hungarian and Bulgarian contracts :)

    Currently reading a Jackie Collins novel confessions of a wild child which is all I can focus on in the midst of my extreme "busyness"


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