Monday, August 15, 2016

So are you settled yet?

I'm getting this question a lot lately, understandably, because it has been just over a month since we moved in.

Yes, we are settled, I tell people, but I'll feel a lot more settled once the other house is sold.

On being settled...

I have a list of about 10 things for the handyman to do, and actually, it just occurred to me that I need to print one of my pages from the Amazing Life workbook because I made a list of 33 for the old house at the end of last year and knocked off 20 in 3 months. And then we bought this house :)

I know where everything is in this house now which is a big deal but all photos are not yet up because I need tons of hooks. Or lots of nails banged in my walls :o

Head settled is another matter altogether.

I chatted to the estate agent and we're going to reduce the price of our house so this thing can sell.

On the bright side, my savings account is looking slightly healthier every month as I add to my savings, and we get bonuses end Sept.

Big talk around work about how the pool is half of what it was last year, blah blah blah, I don't care I just want some money!

I think it's the first year ever I actually can't wait for that money :) Normally I pretend to not have it so it can stay in my account as long as possible without "plans" (after the tithe, of course).

Anyway, enough chit-chat. I have a list to get to - I want to review my year of 41, start thinking about some goals for 42, and other such exciting (to me) things.

Over to you.

How settled are you? Do you plan to move anytime soon? Do you plan to stay forever? Move to another country (the current trend)?

PS I was chatting to a work colleague who has THREE sets of friends moving back to South Africa from Australia. Life was much better in South Africa. It's true - we do have a great quality of life here.


  1. I am not only settled...after nearly 30 years in the same house that basically evolved around us and our needs, I would say that my roots go very deep. Two years ago we considered moving to Seaview to a small holding with a seaview...I was excited and scared and lived with the motto...if it is meant to be, it will be. It wasn't meant to be and I wasn't crushed. Sorry about my long absence...I don’t know how long it will be before I again fall off the blogging wagon...but for now...I am back xxx

  2. We are still looking for another house but in the meantime I love a if we will be here forever

  3. Well we started renovations and painting in our house, but I think its safe to say that in 5 or so years we might look at moving closer to work. The travelling is getting to both of us and I don't see us doing it forever. For now we are just sorting out the little annoyences so that we can live comfortably in the house.

  4. We are now settled and are in the whole maintenance vibe of being "new" home owners - we are slowly but surely getting all our long terms plans into action (borehole done and dusted) veggie patch up next.


  5. Well we rent, but are settled into the current place for another year or so. We're fairly nomadic, and tend to stay open to new possibilities. It's one of the reasons we rent, it makes it easier to go for opportunities. Am really to live overseas for sometime, but there are other things that need to be in place before we do that adventure.

  6. We've been in our new house just over a month, too, and while there's still a LOT to do, the kids are loving it and so we're pretty settled. Your new place looks pretty amazing!

  7. Pretty much settled but I know we might need to move soon, though everytime we look we realize our house isn't bad and we like it . Time will tell

    Praying for your old house to sell. And very soon too so you can finally feel settled in your beautiful new home

  8. I cannot make the jump, but this house is terrible for us. I love it though. It's small and just enough for us.

  9. Definitely not settled. We want another house. If all goes well, then it will happen in +-18 months. I hope your home sells ASAP.

  10. HA!!!! I said to David after the elections, they better not let all those people who left back in now!!!! (Yes I know it is a bit mean but they all ran at the first sign there MAY be a problem, now that those of us who stayed, have started changing things they want to come back :-/)

    ANYWAY..I am glad you are settled :)


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