Saturday, August 27, 2016

So birthday party season has come and gone

Most of you will know that all 4 of us celebrate our birthdays in less than a month :)

For K & C, we had a doughnut and hot chocolate party, in pyjamas, with their school friends on a Saturday morning two weeks after we moved in.

Now, to be fair, I am not normally that crazy, but I didn't think the move would be as bad as it was.

I actually "woke up" to the fact that there was a party happening on the Tues before the Sat.

We made it through - it was super easy - I bought nothing except food and washers for the doughnut necklaces. And the two packs of washers cost me R19.80.

I had the party pack stuff and the rest of the activity supplies already, and the food was all eaten except for some fun cereal which is now nearly finished.

Really easy. If you want a low-key party, do this :)

D doesn't like people too much :)  I joke, but he is an introvert so feels no need to have people around him on his birthday. They did throw him a party at work and really spoiled him - proper eats (lots!), and lots of gift vouchers from two teams.

So we went out to eat for his birthday and that was that.

(no presents this year because the house is not sold yet)

this is a perfect day for me

And then me. I had people over as I usually do, and it was fabulous.

I kind-of feel like if your birthday is on a weekend day, it's almost a sin not to take advantage of that, right?

I had my usual caterer cook my favourite dish, chicken biryani (no peas!), and we had some cakes for dessert.

I asked the friends not to bring presents and only one listened, and, I must confess, it was actually receive presents because every gift was perfect for me. Maybe the lesson here is to trust that the people in my life know me well enough and not to try to control everything :)

My MIL had a painting that she painted framed. This is so special because she painted it from a photograph that I took in Ballito a few years ago. It is beautifully framed and is proudly hung in our lounge.

That kind of thing. Everything was so meaningful.

I gave party favours as usual - mugs - and a couple of people told me they think of me when they drink from their mugs which, of course, thrills me.

Now at work, exactly nothing happened, except one colleague said happy birthday for tomorrow on the Friday afternoon, and another sent me a whatsapp the next day. That's it. Which is spectacularly underwhelming in every way. This year I was not hurt because I expected it. Another life lesson - make your own magic :)

And that was birthday season.

Funso took this picture of me which I love!

I'm planning to write more about the emotional stuff of turning 42 this week, and on my review process/ goal/ fun things process on the OQ blog, so stay tuned.

How do you like to celebrate birthdays? 


  1. Sorry you have friends like me who obviously don't listen :)

    That briyani was so yummy..... I had two helpings and if I didn't want to save space for cake I could have had a third helping :)

    I like to fuss about everyone's birthday but mine. But for the last 5 years I always take the day off if my birthday falls on a week day and go for a run, some Pampering, time
    With friends if possible and dinner with hubby. This year though hubby was away unavoidably but I spent the evening in church which was an awesome end to a lovely day

    1. I love that cutting board so much!

      You have a great birthday plan :)

  2. Such a lovely idea do the kids' birthday! And glad you at least got some gifts...I find it so nice to be spoilt on YOUR day but each to their own ;-) I LOVE my birthday and every year, I go out to dinner with friends. Each person pays to themselves so it's not a massive expense for me. This year, I contemplated going smaller and just going out to dinner with my husband, but of course, closer to the time, I changed my mind and ended up having dinner with 18 people!!!

    1. Jodie, I promise, after you do Konmari, you think SO hard about bringing stuff into your home, but I do love clutter-free gifts (I always have). My one friend always takes me out for supper which is lovely for both of us - we get to connect and eat, and what is better than that?! I got an ebook too this year - I love getting ebooks or Amazon vouchers.

      18 people?!!!!

  3. I love that photo of you by the way!I find the older I get the less I feel to have anything more than a family get together for my birthday. Last year was fun - and sort of different.

    1. I love that photo too. Mrs FF did a great job and caught me unawares so it wasn't even posed!

  4. I also think that is a great photo of you. How I like to spend my birthday varies from year to year. Some years I want a big bash and other years I just want to be with close family. I am super good at celebrating my whole bday month ;) This year because my husband worked until 9pm on my bday, he has been taking me out to celebrate and spoiling me every weekend since the 4th August. Guess I did too good of a job making him feel gulity!!! Btw the way the doughnut and hot chocolate party was such a fabulous idea.

    1. Ha! Give the poor guy a break :) I did scale down this year but how does one not celebrate?! :)

  5. Birthdays are the best, and must be celebrated. No gifts is not my thing, but is J's. He's more about experiences, so we try for a good mix of both.

    1. Cassey, have you told me your love language? What is yours and J's?

  6. I am still SO bummed that I missed your special day (and that amazing breyani!) I'm glad that you all had a wonderful birthday season.

    My birthday falls on a public holiday so I normally arrange a family braai or something but this year I just couldn't have been bothered. Next year I will pull myself together and organise something nice.


    1. Some years (this year!) feel like a bit much, but I always enjoy it when the people are there!


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