Thursday, August 11, 2016

The holiday highlights package

Before we all completely forget I was on holiday for 2.5 weeks, I thought I'd do a bit of a highlights package to remember the details:

Most controversial thing about the holiday

Not taking the in-laws with us. They're still a bit awkward about it but it was great family time for our little family.

Best meal

Thava at The Boat House. Thava is my favourite restaurant here in Jhb (I ask for all my mother's day and anniversary meals there) so it was one of the things I wanted to do down there.

Now that we've been, we will go every time.

Oh, we had naan bread, chicken korma and chicken biryani.

Most memorable food

The softest Portuguese rolls ever at Foodzone near our apartment. I only bought 6 - we had fried eggs one lunch time - and we all regretted not having more :)

Speaking about that Foodzone, the kids had never seen so many chocolates and sweets all in one place (poor "deprived" kids :))

Best idea

Using Uber and not renting a car!

Most disappointing news

That the house sale fell through :(

Favourite games

Ludo, dominoes and pick up sticks

Best thing I brought along

After my camera and Kindle, my bullet journal. I got used to messing it up on this holiday.

Kendra's favourite thing to do

Go for an adventure (running around inside the complex all by herself). Her father was a bit freaked but I was fine with it.

Of course, Connor couldn't WAIT til she got back to go adventuring together with her.

Connor's favourite thing to do

Walk on the boardwalk every day, and climbing rocks

Favourite things to watch on TV

Some soccer tournament (help me!) and WIMBLEDON!

Best things taken with us

Washing powder, jeans and sweatshirts. It was COLD!

Sweetest thing about the kids

Connor reading Kendra bedtime stories.

Best thing about the weather

Grey skies (TONS!) - usually we only get a day or two. This time we had many, many days and I have many, many amazing photos.

Next best thing about the weather

Tea, cuddling, reading, more tea, biscuits, etc.

Worst thing

D being sick for nearly the entire holiday :(

Best money saver

Seriously, Uber! I have a whole post on this for the Organising Queen blog next week.

Best beach read

Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe

Favourite photo of the kids

"we're being birds"

Best photo of palm trees :)

Which is your favourite photo? And highlight?


  1. I just love this post... I love that you take yourselves on holiday and have a good break, it is just fantastic!!! And making memories, just the best!!! Love your grey skies and mini-adventures!!!

    1. :) Our conversation strengthened my resolve with the in-laws :)

      But yes! I adore holidays.

  2. Love the quick roundup :-) Really should try Thava...never eaten there. Love the pic of the "birds".

  3. Love the round up of the holiday, sorry that D was sick. We've never eaten at Thava...really should give it a try. Love the pic of the "birds".

    1. You should go - it is DELISH food and not very expensive at all.

  4. Oh boy I love that birds photo of the kids - it is seriously one of those priceless ones. The sad thing is from the 5 days we were on holiday I was very sick for 2. I guess one can not plan that.

    1. I love that photo too. I actually said to them, "what are you two doing?" We are birds". Now what do you say to that? Okay, then, little birds :)

  5. Favorite thing for me is you going away without the in-laws. One needs time away from it all sometimes...

    Poor D. It must have been horrible being sick while on holiday.

    Love all the pictures...

    Uber is just the best (when there is no risk of being attacked in Sand.ton)

  6. I love those swimsuits! I wish I could find something like that here. I struggle to find suits that aren't too revealing (for my taste). I can easily find the tops, but the bottoms are usually tiny (bikini bottoms) or "shorts" that FALL OFF my slim kiddos. Ugh!!!

    I've had great success with Uber when I've traveled for business...such a great and flexible option!

  7. How clever to uber around! I like the birds pic! And I need to get my A into G with holidays too. Forgot to pay deposit on that December thing. Think I have lost out but will call.

  8. Oh how clever to use Uber (and I see I said the same thing as Julia) especially since you aren't on a sightseeing holiday!


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