Thursday, August 04, 2016

Voting Day

I'm largely apolitical.

I do my bit and of course I vote, but I have a realistic view of what might and might not change, and so I vote, but I also pray that my situation is taken care of by God.


And then there are those who can't be bothered to go vote, and then want to have a big, fat moan about this and that in the country.

That makes me crazy.

Oh, there's a third group who feel like they need to convince everyone else to vote for their party.

I'm in a new team and the person sitting right next to me is a big supporter of the ruling party and was telling all of us to "vote properly". Oh my SOUL!

There was another who is a card-carrying member of the E. F. F. who was not as bad as the one above, but very vocal too.

All that to say... South Africans, I hoped you voted!

It was freezing yesterday and windy. Brrrr.

It is never ever my intention to get up early to go stand in a queue. I understand some like to "get it over and done with" but I like to breeze in and out.

You've got to plan it well - at lunch when people are hungry or late afternoon when most are done. Not that early morning sprint or the one from 5 onwards before the polling stations close.

It felt very decadent yesterday to have people over but it was perfect. When Robyn and kids left, I decided to work on photos for a bit and then go vote.

I ended up leaving the house well after 3:30 - one last visiting the loo, grabbing jacket, grabbing book, telling Connor to grab a book and jacket, and eventually we were out and got to the station at 3.55. We parked, walked to the hall, voted, took selfies and were back at the car at 4.00. Perfect.

We were so quick we decided to have a bit of a drive around the neighbourhood too.

How was your public holiday/ voting day?
Are you vocal about how you vote?

PS the top photo and the bottom one were taken on the last voting day. We'd just returned from our Drakensberg holiday and I'd just started my sabbatical. I'd worn that blue top on the last 3 voting days..... the first time when I was 22 weeks pregnant with the twins. Sadly, that top was Konmari'd last year.
PPS this is day 5 of writing daily for 20 mins :)


  1. We usually go after breakfast. There is a long queue but we end up chatting with everyone around us and it feels quite festive. Steve likes to swoop in at the last minute so he only got home well after 20:00. He says his queue was full of drunk and unruly people...that has never happened in the morning queue.

    1. there is definitely more "festivity" in the morning. I'm sure Steve's queue had the disorderly amongst themselves :) :)

  2. We like to go early and it was relatively quick and painless. Had 3 of the school's teachers around me in the line so we chatted all the way. will also write a bit about it today

    1. Now if you can combine voting with a friend date, that would be the best :)

  3. I wish we had a public voting day! The last election, I literally didn't have a spare moment at work. At the end of the day, I made it home and gasped that I hadn't voted. It was "just" a primary, but I felt terrible!

    And you're right...our election season is a train wreck. :/ It's truly unbelievable to me.

    Hope you guys stay warm! I saw Cat posted a picture of ICE yesterday!

  4. We had an hour long queue at our station. I'm not vocal about who I vote for, but I am vocal that folks need to vote. Far too many people have sacrificed far too much for everyone to be able to vote.

  5. Cliff went to scope out the lay of the land just before 7am at our voting station - he came back saying the queues were crazy so we decided to have a chilled morning and then we headed off to vote at around 11h20 or so. Cliff was done in literally 5 minutes, I had to wait for about 25 minutes but we found the process quick and well organised!

  6. Oh and I am like a crazy person when it comes to voting! I cannot bear to be around people who didn't vote and then think they can complain about this country. One person told me they can complain because they pay their taxes my rebuttal was "people DIED for the right to vote and you not voting is like a slap in their faces"

    Makes me SO MAD when people don't vote (but still have the audacity to take the day off)


  7. I enjoyed the free day doing a long run and relaxing seeing as I don't have the privilege of voting

    I'm not into politics but I like to know what is going on and I'm not one to ask people if they voted or who they voted for.

  8. Joel got discharged from hospital that day and both Lance and I were sick. We decided to go to the GP. We drove past our voting station (on the way to the GP) and saw that there were no lines, so we stopped and did our thing. In and out in 5 minutes. Then we went to the Dr, came home to eat and medicate and we all slept the day away.
    My parents told us that it's a sin not to vote? Is it? I vote and will always vote. I'm not vocal about who I vote for and I don't really want to know who others vote for either.


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