Thursday, August 18, 2016

What I learned this winter

This is my version of the "what I learnt this summer" I'm seeing on Emily Freeman's blog.

1. Working from home is amazing 
I really need my one day working from home every week. I started blocking out one day a week about 6 months ago to get some work done that I need to concentrate on. I can't concentrate properly at work - too many noisy people, and I say that as a chatty person myself.

I found that because I'm at home, I work extra hard to prove to someone (?) that I'm not slacking. But it works for me.

I usually try to take Thursdays if possible because that's the day my kids have TWO extra-murals after school and I can comfortably get everything important done by 3.30.

What with the move and going on holiday, I'd forgotten to block out time but I did last week and this week, and man, I have an empty inbox and other important but not urgent things done too.

2. Don't sell your home to a freelancer

Seriously, don't. The banks don't like freelancers and getting bonds (mortgages) approved is a nightmare, which is how our deal fell through.

Also, I figured out something the other day. I always say that I'm a tither and God has never forsaken me financially. Yes, this is the time to act out with that faith. I believe now that it's a bit warmer my house will sell in Jesus' name!

3. I have awesome timing with phones

Completely unintentionally... or maybe not ;) But I decided to go upgrade one weekend and the week following my old phone was practically dead. By that I mean it's charged, I take one photo and it dies. Yep!

So people say, "oh you got a new phone" and I grunt because it feels like a complete grudge purchase.

Also, I went onto hello peter earlier this week and suddenly my service provider is refunding money that they owe me. Grrrr.

4. Konmari is not once-in-a-lifetime, at least not in my house

I wrote so many posts about Konmari I could have written another book. It's been a year now and I need to go through the house a bit more.

Winter's nearly over here in Joburg. Yes, I know we will have a couple of cold spells but I've worn short-sleeved t-shirts 3 times already which is perfectly lovely but a big signal that my favourite season is nearly over.

And..... there are many garments I haven't even worn. I have definitely worn my favourites over and over (all the purples :)) but it's worth going through the whole bunch to see if there's any I can thank and send on their way.

5. Reading and drinking tea is totally my thing

I've read such a lot this winter. Connor asked me how many mugs of tea I've had in my life........... I told him, "no idea but a lot".

Really, is there anything better to do in winter than read? No, there is not.

Hint - leave your phone at your bedside table and go read in the lounge or somewhere else to get real, good quality reading in.

6. The beach is good, winter or summer

I really don't mind what the weather is like at the beach but I love the sound of the waves, walking on the boardwalk, taking my tea on the balcony and looking at the horizon.

It stills my soul.

And then I come back, edit a million photos and let those photos play as a screensaver til the next trip :)

I should actually put them on a flash drive, plug them into my digital photo frame and display them properly.

and last but by no means least..

7. Moving house is really not for me

(the process of moving house, that is)

How do people do this? I suppose some of you think "big picture" and focus on the goal and all those good things. I just can't function for a week and I wake up at 3 am dreaming of to-do lists.... No, moving really is for the birds.

I will confess something slightly crazy - on Saturday, D took the kids to the library and I was pottering (one of my favourite activities after reading!) around the house, and I thought, "oooh, this is one of the benefits of moving - there's always a corner/ a drawer/ a cupboard to tweak, sort, organise"

What have you learned this winter?
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  1. On the other side of the world, we're winding down summer {hopefully!} and I can't wait to enjoy that first cup of tea, curled up in a blanket on the couch, with my favorite book. Definitely one of the greatest pleasures in life! :)

  2. Lovely photos, Marcia! I miss Joburg and RSA and those sunset images make me want to come for a visit. :) I also hear you on the "don't sell a home to a freelancer" bit - been there, done that (but as the person trying to get approved for the bank loan - worse if your freelance income is gained in a foreign country!).

  3. I learned that being overweight actually adds to my feelings of depression. I learned that weekly date nights are awesome (even just a coffee on the beach), I learned that Son2 just does NOT cope if his routine is messed with (he's not a happy boy at the moment while I'm recovering), I learned that I have to let go a bit with Son1, I learned that birthdays spent on the mountain (or the beach) are the BEST! I learned that I need to pay for more help, because I really can't do everything on my own.

  4. To me there is nothing better than a snuggly blanket and a cup of coffee or tea with a book - I have just been really terrible at making that happen!


  5. Such a great list Marcia. My big takeaway is yay for medical aid.

  6. I am with you where the books and the beach is concerned. With my blog break I also learned that I miss connecting with my friends in the computer xx

  7. Gosh I know moving is not for me... I of course am delighted at the return of warmer weather. I have learned that although I like the look of tights I really do not like to wear them.

  8. This is why David and I won't be able to get a bond! He earns comm and I freelance. Getting the bond on this house was a HUGE mission and only worked cos I worked for the bank. So we won't move until we can afford to pay cash for a house! Its a pain!

  9. This winter brought so much change to my life. Good and bad and has made me learn so much more about myself. On different note, I wish I had your enthusiasm to organise/sort/tweak a corner or 2. Some of the changes mentioned above, allows me to finally get my house in order and the way I want, but I just can't summon the enthusiasm. Any tips?

  10. Praying praying for you house to sell...

    I would assume freelancers are seen as entrepreneurs but guess banks don't take big risks

    Old injuries in my ankle and knee flare up in winter :( :(

    I love exercising in winter. The gyms are emptier which is so much fun.


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