Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Decisions, decisions

I realised that I better get a post up here before I break my excellent habit of writing almost daily in August.

My brain is way too busy lately and I realised tonight I have three decisions to make:

what to do with the house
we're praying and confessing and and and.... there are two things - 1) I don't know that the agent is doing a very good job 2) "natural circumstances" says that it's not a seller's market right now.

So now my prayer is yes, send the right buyer and super quick, but also, should we rent it out? I am normally violently opposed to renting because people don't take care of places. I know you guys who read and rent are responsible, but you know you're in the minority, right?

Also, I need to stop believing everyone. After discussing this stuff with a work friend, I went online and did some research myself. Agent has told me I can basically only get people in for a year, but what if there are people who will rent my house for a short-term and move when it sells. This friend told me that I would get money and have other people stage our house for selling :)

what to do about exams
Spanish exams are mid-November. I have to decide by the end of this month if I'm doing it or not.

I have the same story as in June... I would have to do the exam by myself....which is such pressure in the actual exam.

But this examiner is divine! AND it's hot. Too hot for normal life, but hot for exams is awesome because that means nice, warm muscles and I feel like I can take on the world.

I have exactly 8 lessons left and while I don't think that's optimal, is it ever? I know everything except the dance which we started tonight. But the last dance was 2:12 in length; this one is 3:38. That's a hella lot of dancing. Even a 1:30 in Spanish leaves you breathless.

She did say tonight I don't have to do it but my problem is boredom. If I don't do this exam, I know I'll be bored within 1 month of next year and I can't imagine 5 months of the same thing over and over again.

Ideas? Advice?


  1. Only you can decide what's right for you Marcia. My advice would be to do the exam! :-)

    We're renting at the moment but it's a pain. The owners are trying to sell and there are SIX agencies popping in with viewers at all hours. We've made a decision that we now only allow them in on Tuesdays...and absolutely no show houses.

  2. I think rent out - but you have to at least know that the tenants will have a house that looks ok. And yes, you can do short term.

    A has a very unfortunate situation with her ballet exam. They are now 6 girls in the class - a group of 4 and one of 2 (she and a friend). One of the dances have to be done with another girl as a duet. Her friend a month ago sustained a serious injury - and will not be able to dance. So our dance teacher has approached one of the older girls that are trying to improve her grade marks (why??? I don't know) to dance with A. She is 16 years old .... A feel she will be judged against her. She has mentioned that despite the work she does not want to do the exam. Her teachers have talked and talked and only last week she agreed to go on.

  3. In terms of the Spanish exam I say go for it! You need to push yourself and this is the perfect way to do it - otherwise you will get bored!

    WRT the house I say do some more research on short term rentals. I think it will allay a lot of your worries if you are "earning" while you wait to sell. Praying for you guys on this one.


  4. Reading your posts about the house has made me reconsider just staying with what we have for now...and also the prospect of having to look for a house again....took us 2 years to find this one. They dont like to do short term renting becuase their commission is lower, unless you go through an agency specialising in just renting.

    I have seen our neighbors house on the market for nearly 8 months now and he changed agencies twice already. Whe I did a search for the house on the property sites I only saw it a month after the new agency took over. Maybe check whcih agency specialize in your area because the one specializing in our part does quite well.

    Go for it, you will feel amazing once the exam is over and you've achieved great results and if not then you wont be so stressed next time, but knowing you, you will do great!

  5. I vote for doing the exam to forestall boredom. Short term leases can work.

  6. Do the exam! Nothing to think about there! I think you should rent the house to me as I'm considering running away from all this adulting I've been doing the last few months. Ha!
    I stand strong that I will never be a landlord. HOWEVER, here they have agencies who will rent your house for you. They do ALL the work; finding renter, collecting payment, removing if necessary. Maybe you have something similar. I would go that route. It will give you some extra money until you can find a buyer. I hate to think of the money you're wasting maintaining an empty house.

  7. I would also the rent the house while waiting for it to sell. Even though it's not ideal, at least you will be getting some income.

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  9. My friend re the house it is a catch 22 situation what if you rent and then get a buyer within 2/3 months BUT what if you don't and no buyer still... Have you tried using another agent just to test the waters? It might not be a sellers' market but houses are still being sold! Praying hard for you on this one and I hope you find a solution that works for you

    The agents wants a year's commission that is my take. There are people

    On the Spanish dance that one is easy peasy- just do it...

  10. I am very sure there are short term rentals. Not everyone wants a whole year. We rented for 6 months while looking for a house.
    I would say you should definitely do the exam.

  11. I would rent it out!
    Just do the exam! Don't look for excuses! ;-)

  12. My in-laws moved in to a house that the owners want to renovate so basically were renting it 3 months at a time, then the owners got closer to being ready to start and its now on a monthly basis. SO basically what I am saying is you can really just decide how you want to set the contract up!

  13. You know I'm going to tell you to do the exam, yes?


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