Monday, September 05, 2016

Favourite activity during winter

It's no surprise at all that my favourite activity during winter is reading (with a mug of tea in hand).

And yet I listened to 2 of my 7 books this month.

Let's talk about those quickly.

When a Christian author releases a book, especially if it really resonates, I always feel from podcast interviews that I want to read it, but I know myself, and I don't usually enjoy reading many of those, except for the really great ones like Lysa Terkeurst.

But one morning I looked at my audible credits and there were 3, and so I thought let's see if the books are narrated by the authors.

Favourite audio voice

Looking for Lovely is narrated by Annie F Downs, the author. And she has a great voice. It feels like she's your friend, just talking to you.

So yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and now I'm thinking I should rather have listened to her others too.

Favourite (and only) re-read

The other audio is one of my favourite books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up. I need to write about this one on the other blog but in essence, I think it's a great book to re-read (re-listen) to every year. I loved the refresh after moving into the new house. And bonus - I have a few new posts to write on Organising Queen. I also took notes in the car as opposed to sitting for hours afterwards re-writing from my bookmarks, and some of the things she says will make great printables for Instagram.

So win-win-win :)

Speaking of OQ, my how to pay off your bond posts start on Thursday. If you're not subscribed, make sure you don't miss them.

A read for women who feel guilty

Read The Fringe Hours. Again, I will write about this one on Organising Queen but I was mostly underwhelmed. That's not taking anything away from the book, but I have a really good handle on using my time well, which is exactly what you'd expect from a time management coach.

Favourite fiction reads

Always the Maeve Binchy. I loved this one, maybe more than I should have, because I read a later book months ago and it's so nice to get the background.

And a shout-out to The Bookshop on Rosemary Lane for having a really fiesty character, which always thrills me :)

How was August for you, reading-wise? Or hobby-wise? Or winter-wise?
What did you get up to?

Is anyone out there........... who is actually on audible? I got into audible in Jan 2015, and honestly, I'm not an early adopter but I am part of the next wave (slightly tested but still unknown to the masses), but it is now 20 months later and I feel like absolutely everyone I interact with is not on audible or into podcasts. For the love! How can this be?

I have one client who is into audible and podcasts so this delights my heart!


  1. Maeve Binchy is just such a good author - have not read her in years but she is always great. I think I need to get into audible

  2. August was a surprisingly good reading month, especially when I consider how busy it was. And all the academic reading I did.

  3. I'm confused... are you saying not everyone is listening to stuff!!! What do you mean "on audible?" I always have multiple books I am listening to on audible... and podcasts my word!!! And as for my hubs... well he wouldn't survive his daily commute without audible. Just gotta be listening!!!

  4. I'm kind of on a reading binge right now as too many came in at the library at once! I enjoyed The Little Bookshop in Paris, but in large part due to the nostalgia of that great city. Makes me want to return once more!

  5. I am not in the car long enough to listen to audibles and I prefer to use that time to listen to news and catchup on what is happening in the world. I enjoyed the last of the cold and got in lots of run/walk in and did 138km during the month 12km less than I planned to do. September is another month though this summery feeling spring might be a problem

  6. I am with Mrs FF...I prefer the radio in the car which allows me to keep up with what is going on around me. I have tried audiobooks, but I find I am sensitive to the voice, and if I do not like the voice, I will not listen.
    I do podcasts, but only if I am working for long stretches at my PC...I like music most times.

  7. August was a hard month. Joel sick and hospitalised, then Lance sick then I was sick, and then I had surgery. I basically slept the month away! And it was GOOD.
    I am trying to get my blesser to pay for audible because I can't afford it. He's not budging. Am trying to change my tactics.


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