Monday, September 19, 2016

Just another Manic Monday

Today I was all raring to go in true Monday style.

Traffic was so awful I have no words. On the bright side, D drove. Because of said bad traffic, we detoured through parts of Jhb we don't normally drive and I got to take some pics of beautiful doors, driveways and streets.

And then.... I got to work and walked to my desk, and...

My laptop wasn't on my desk.

You know how your brain doesn't quite catch up?

I looked under my desk, all around... I even opened my drawers to check, knowing full well there is no space there for a laptop.

And then.

Oh my word, my laptop's been stolen.

Yes, it was locked. I have a longstanding habit of walking to my desk, putting down my laptop and the first thing is I insert the lock and twist the combination away so my code no longer shows.

My code is not that difficult to figure out though. It's since been changed.

So that's today's drama.

Amazing how everything you have to do to sort such a situation out all involve a computer!

"Log a call"
"Fill in this online form and no we can't print it for you to fill in the old-fashioned way" (audit trails and such)
"Send an email to your manager to approve capex for new laptop"

ALL involve a computer!

Now here's the thing:

I left at 3.45 on Friday, my colleague went back to the office at 7 pm and it was still there. She returned at about lunch time on Saturday and it was gone. She said she thought I'd come to work on Sat morning (as if!).

At the moment I'm using a loan laptop which I received after lunch, have to go to the police-station tomorrow to lodge a case (is that what they call it?) and then I can move forward with the new laptop application.

The security are busy pulling access card stats.....because of course, there's no security cameras at my desk (we know this from the pencil bag scenario).

So that was my Monday!

Tell me something GOOD about your Monday :)


  1. That's just awful... what a way to start the week... so so sorry.

  2. Not good to know someone can walk in and take your stuff.

    1. due to some changes, many people have moved to different locations, meeting rooms broken down and new ones built so there are lots of workers in the building at present, and most of the work gets done at the weekend or after hours.

  3. Oh my gosh, that's aweful! Sorry friend. Hope they find the culprit!!! Also it's called "filing a case"



    1. ah, thank you for the correct terminology. These things just don't happen to me - I am not familiar with the lingo :)

  4. Gah, people. Hope the sorting it out process goes well.

  5. Oh no! How awful. I saw A practice ballet on Monday and was I surprised at what they are doing!

  6. Noooo... This is not acceptable. How can things be growing wings and flying away. You work in financial services... It's awful. Please tell me found it and someone was just playing a prank...

    Something good about Monday... I slept in and didn't get up at the crack of dawn to run that felt decadent and of course the lovely cooler weather

    1. See above my answer to mamacat :)

  7. Oh how annoying :( Don't you guys have camera's?

    mmmm I know it's Wednesday now but I had such a productive day on Monday not having to fetch kids!!


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