Thursday, September 15, 2016

On ageing physically... and exercise

I loved all your comments on my post about physical ageing.

Julia said something which I want to touch on.

I am more aware of twinges in my body...I have to say that I FEEL my age when I am sick. Recovery takes a lot longer. 

So true!

You all know the toe story. Well, praise God, it is 97% healed. There is a very slight twinge but it's mostly gone. Thank God. Seriously.

It has given me pause though.

I can keep up with those 16-year-olds in a Zumba class because I've always had strong legs and my fitness is good.

But apparently I can't in an abs class!

On Saturday I had to (well, I chose to - I need to write about my children and how they're annoying me but everyone has perfect kids so there's that) take an abs class that was 98% on the mat, and Oh My Word, I couldn't do half the exercises. I really felt my age. My knees are buggered, my back was killing me and I couldn't sneeze or cough on Sunday and Monday, I was so sore.

Seriously, they should have had personal trainers outside and I would have happily handed over my credit card. I need someone to whip this old body into shape. The trick is I need to go work out with a personal trainer for the social :) I HATE that kind of boring exercise even though it does work so I really have to feel like the person is nice and likeable and chatty enough to distract me from the extreme boredom of lifting weights, doing lunges and other such extremely boring things.

Speaking of Julia, we had a phone date the other night and I told her I pay Weigh-less to eat better, not really to lose weight. I know if I don't pay over my R185 a month, I will eat tons more junk (carbs and bread) so that accountability does the trick for me. I know that I have a habit of going to Weigh-Less on a Saturday morning so it keeps me from overindulging during the week.

Gretchen Rubin says the quicker we accept who we are, the happier we'll be. So true. I need that WL accountability to eat well 95% of the time, so off to WL I go. And now it seems I need to add personal training to that list.

Is this something else I'm going to have to come to terms with?

Fortunately I don't get sick with colds and flu-type things very often, and if i do, it's a half-day to 1 day and I'm good. I tell my 3 family members that it's because I eat, exercise moderately and sleep well :)

I do see with D (who has 4 years on me!) how long it takes to completely get rid of a cold.

I intended to write about ageing and emotions, but let's leave that for another day. I apparently had a lot to say :)

Do you need accountability for eating/ boring exercise?
Can you keep up with the 16-year-olds?

PS Oh, a fun thing! I was in George at a client last week, and the lovely receptionist and I got talking as I do, and she was telling me how she and her mom have a great relationship because she's still young....the mom is 43 (I'm 42). The receptionist is 19. Yes, people, that receptionist could have been my daughter!!!!!! Completely, because D and I have been married 21.5 years! FOR THE LOVE! (I didn't tell her this)


  1. Firstly I love all the turquoise in this photo. Oh gosh my friend I feel my age all the time now. I can not even keep up in any class. Abs the least of it because my muscles tore with the boy's pregnancy and I have never regained that. I need to seriously start working on my body

    1. All the turquoise is completely by accident :)

      Are you still horse-riding?

  2. Marcia, I'm jelly of your fitness. It is so something I need to work on, and get right. I'm not that old - even though 31 seems ancient on campus, it's not really. I think you nailed it with the accountability thing. I have no one to account to, so those things don't happen. *sigh* being a grown-up is no fun.

    1. The accountability thing is completely powerful. Are you an Obliger or an Upholder?

  3. Hmmmm, I think I am enjoying being grown up. I loved turning 30, and six years later I love the feeling of confidence. Lol, perhaps should have waited for the emotions post.

  4. Lol... I battle with the floor exercises but I do it at my own pace. I find it boring so don't do it enough even though I know I should do it more often. Every other exercise step, Zumba, kick I can hold my own but I decided I need to mix things up.

    Ps: who has perfect kids??? I doubt there is anything like that :)

  5. Hi Marcia I hate ageing and the effect it has on me. It feels to me that I am ageing faster than I should. I have already cut out meat from my diet, but I am still struggling with exercise. I also keep on going to a dietician every second week just to keep me on track. Although I haven't lost anything. You motivate me with this post!

    1. Karen, that's the thing. I remember yearrrrrs ago when I watched Oprah (pre-twins), she had Dr Oz on and he said you will gain 5 kg (10 pounds) every decade EVEN if you stay as active as you were and eat the same. For the love - it's depressing!

      I swear the only thing that drags me to gym some Saturdays is thinking how sore I'll be if I don't go :o

  6. Oh gosh!! This is why I started working for Weigh-less (but I actually have resigned fully now as of end Oct) - I need the accountability!!!

    Can I keep up with the 16 year olds - WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No and I really don't want to :)

  7. So glad your toe is all good!
    I hate all exercise, unless it's NIA dance, yoga or swimming. Mind you, I am considering joining the gym (ugh those germs!) because I've upgraded my one policy to get Vitality. If this does happen then I will definitely get a PT. I am one of those who need to pay for accountability for both exercise and food. Sigh.

  8. ps...I DEFINITELY CANNOT keep up with 16-year olds!

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