Friday, October 07, 2016

5 on a Friday - books, babes and Bernadette

1. So, this is my haul for September. I'm truly having a fabulous year of reading. I feel like I'm reading more than enough, so much so that I sometimes think to myself, "am I not forgetting to do anything?" The answer is no.

And I have the mix just right - I listen to non-fiction audios and podcasts in the car, I read fiction at home, and I read non-fiction on my occasional Gautrain trips.

The best is that we have that which we always wanted - children who are readers. Reading is their currency and there are TANTRUMS in this house if they lose reading time so it is very effective as discipline.

2. Most disappointing books this month - Where'd you go, Bernadette, which I found way too weird for me. Those of you who like strange books might like this. And then Love Warrior, which I found to be very depressing with none of her blog's lightness/ sass/ spunk. Read full reviews on Goodreads.

3. The babies (kids) were on school holidays this week which was quite lovely except for the phone calls I received complaining about the other one doing who-knows-what.

Connor spent one day at a friend's house from 8.30 - 5.30 so he was knackered when he got home. He slept until 8.30 the next day!

Let's talk twins for the moment. D is not in favour of Connor doing something without Kendra and my view is that our job is not to make life rosy for them. There are lots of things that one will be invited to and the other not, so to compromise, I said I'd check if her friend could come over. If not, tough. Kendra's friend was able to come so all was well.

D happened to work from home that day and said two girls playing together are SOOOOO different. It was quiet and peaceful the whole day without all that testosterone :)

4. It's sandal season again. So I went to have a medi-heel treatment. Have you had one done? Best R70 you'll spend on your body. I promise!

5. Last but not least, the jacarandas. I've seen a few more, all in Illovo, but none anywhere else in Jhb. I was in Pretoria on Wed and there are jacarandas there. Beautiful, but nowhere near last year's beauty.

And that's it.

Which B things can you tell me about today?
How was your week? Tell me in the comments.


  1. Hi Marcia!
    I found your site by perusing Meg D's site. We are also finishing up fall break. I posted some of the fun things we did on Hope you'll come visit! -Stephanie

  2. Two of our three were at the coast with their mom this week, and Nicola and I only came back from our camp on Tuesday. This may have been the most relaxed week I've had in a year and a half! ;-)

  3. Well my reading has come to a halt again this past week. Too many other things popped up this week. I am hoping for a calmer week ahead.

  4. I too noticed the sadness of the jacarandas this year. Even the white ones are not looking that great.
    I have not tracked my reading as you have, but I could not survive without reading every day.
    No school holidays for us yet.

  5. Oh the Jacarandas are really sad this year - although this morning suddenly looked a bit better. I am also having a rather good reading year (for me). We are totally all for each twin doing their own thing. I can not remember if you have ever read "Raising emotionally healthy twins" by Dr Joan Friedman? She stresses how important this is.

    1. D doesn't read non-fiction but interestingly (!!!) someone at work gave him a twin book which he's reading, so maybe if YOU recommend that book to him on Goodreads, it'll work :)

  6. My book reading is still going strong, and the research related book reading is ticking towards up. My baby is a reader too, yay! Isn't it better for twins to do things separately as they are still individuals?

  7. What is a medi-heel treatment? My heels need something like this? ;-)

    1. Ooh Karen, it's divine! They put something on your entire foot and you lay there for about 5 - 10 minutes while it does its magic. Then she comes back and scrapes it off your foot. She exfoliates and does your heels and other hard bits of your foot, and then cleans it all off, and you have BABY soft feet.

  8. I am sitting in the slow lounge waiting for my flight to Durban that is TWO hours delayed. I am very annoyed!!!
    Remember we spoke about how calm the house was without Cameron? Well he arrived home and within minutes it was CHAOS! EVERYWHERE!!

  9. What is medi-heel? And where do you get it? Sounds like something I would need :)

    The jacarandas are finally blooming but definitely not as lush as usual. I was around some streets this past weekend that should be all purple but it was all brown not even green:(

    I'm with you on twins doing their own things. Because they are always assumed to be one so a little bit of me is definitely good.

    My week was good and relaxed as I worked from home most of the week. I ran and exercised more than I usually do and still got so much work done. I plan to do it more often

    1. See above!

      I get mine at Camelot Spa (in the Alex Forbes building)

  10. Where do you go for the medi heel thing? I definitely need one of those before this weekend! I think I would LOVE that Bernadette book! I'm going to get it for myself. I just finished Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of All things. NOT your kind of book. I quite liked it. Was a looooong historical novel. My Monday was rocky because I had something stressful to deal with AND my phone got suspended! Ugh. All because my sp didn't do the debit when they were supposed to. I was LIVID. Anyway, that's nearly sorted now. Also. My allergies are OFF THE CHARTS. I'm having to take antihistamine every day at the moment and am hoping that this pollen business will pass ASAP. At the moment I am fantasizing about this weekend. Because I'm going to the hot springs with my family!!

    1. I bought mine when it was a deal on Kindle - I got that and one other with a gift card from a friend.

      Medi-heel - see above. I get it at Camelot Spa. I imagine they do it all over? It's like half a pedicure but without the toenail things :)

      She talks about the writing of that book in Big Magic - definitely not my thing.


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