Monday, October 24, 2016

Nine on a Monday

1. Remember the stolen laptop? They only started investigating today....5 weeks later. I must admit, I was very irritated and told the guy there really is no point because that laptop is looooong gone. Anyone who's read/ watched crime stories knows the first 48 hours are crucial :)

2. Three lessons left before exams.... my right ankle is starting to give a little bit of trouble. It probably doesn't know what's happened with all the action over the last while....

3. If you're local, I'm holding a 5 Love Languages of Children workshop on Sat 19th Nov at 11:30. Bring a friend/ partner and you each save 10%. R200 per person or R360 per couple. It will be held at my house - hope to see you there.

4. If you're not local or you prefer a private 1:1 Skype/ Facetime/ Whatsapp session, send me an email and I'll hook you up.

5. Tonight Kendra told me while I was practising my dance, "Mummy, you look ready to me". Bless! I love her heart and she knows my love language!

6. I'm doing something quite radical to my kitchen. This decided Friday night and put into action today. Tomorrow it will all be done - I hope it looks how I imagine it in my mind...

7. It's remarkable what some good rain will do. The jacarandas are out, the views are amazing from my house and seeing all that purple just makes me super happy.

8. Oh, did you read about my social media fast? That was (honestly!) one of my favourite weeks this year and if you've never done this intentionally, I thoroughly recommend it. Cassey, I've answered your comment on that post in the comments ;)

9. Dare I talk about money? Money seems to be pouring out. I'm making a list because at least when I look at my list I feel a little more satisfied that things are getting done. But let's face it - most things are super boring things like plumbing and electrical.

Now I want to hear from you.

What are you loving right now? What do you hate/ strongly dislike right now? What do you need?


  1. I'm loving the daylight savings period where it stays lighter for longer. I'm loving the opportunity to buy some gifts as part of our shoebox Christmas initiative, I'm loving planning for a few special holidays in the next year and I am loving that we are nearly getting to Christmas. I love Christmas.

    Hate / strongly dislike - I don't like how some of my immediate team meetings feel quite volatile. I know what is causing it but don't know how to get it resolved. I'm not directly involved, but it leaves me with great anxiety.

  2. I am loving the storms! Hating that we're moving again. Lots of needs.

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  4. Sweet Kendra! I am sure you are ready.

    I love the rain and I love that I have 31 of the 62 Santa Shoeboxes in. And that the rest but 5 are coming tomorrow.

    I hate that I worry about enough work for next year.

    I need above work - and sanity for the next week's dancing and drama mayhem

  5. I can't wait to see/hear about the kitchen. I am up for a bold change here but don't have the guts now that I've found the time.

    Why are you so concerned about the missing laptop? Did you really think they would track it down?

    1. I will message you.

      My irritation was solely because if there was any chance of recovery, we've now definitely missed that.

  6. Please post before and after photos of your kitchen.

    Right now I really, really hate struggling with low blood pressure.

  7. Summer is slow in coming to our neck of the woods. I don't know what I will do if I ever lose my laptop. Cry will not help I guess :)

  8. Thanks for my answer :) I need to be kinder to myself. I hate how I can't get it right. Kitchen stuff sounds exciting, and your K is lovely.


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