Friday, November 11, 2016

Five for Friday - the crazy edition

Well, this week has felt like a month!

1. The election still has me glued to the internet but I decided tonight is my last night. I've read  Design Mom, Cup of Jo and Emily Henderson's posts, and comments (only some) and I'm understanding more about the Trump supporters but I still feel like I'm not sure how this happened. Still, desperate people.

One person told me they voted Trump and why (economics) and that they and many of their friends voted for him despite his character.

At the moment, I'm thinking MBTI's coming into play here.

I'm so grateful we have One higher to look towards.

2. In more pleasant news, my spanish exams are over and I never have to do that dance again - yay!

Results on Tuesday but I seriously don't care because I did my best and I enjoyed it, and that's what counts for me.

One of the other girls gets so anxious she was puking before she arrived tonight, and again while waiting. Shame!

3. I had a good week at work - this was the week of legal agreements coming out of my ears. I think I drafted about 8 - 10. Crazy.

4. I love my navy blue kitchen. I'm so glad I took a risk. I will write more about this on Organising Queen next week (with pictures!) but it is such a good improvement for just a tiny fraction of a kitchen makeover.

5. And last but not least, during my week of prayer/ social media fast (PS please tell me when things happen for you!), my prayer was to get offers on our house. Well, we got 2 - one truly awful one and one more decent. We accepted the more decent one mostly because I am ready for this to be done. It's been huge mental strain on me (I'm the "minister of finance" in our home) not to mention money and energy.

Anyway, today I received a copy of the signed bond grant so everything is in order and now the house is officially sold. :)

Over to the attorneys now to push through this transaction asap.

And that's me for this week!

I have BIG plans for this weekend in the "nesting" category - I want to start putting up Christmas because I'm in the mood for some O Holy Night :)

Tell me about one good thing that happened in your life this week.


  1. Woo hoo on the house stuff being cleared :D
    Hmmmm good stuff this week, the workshop and therapy. Therapy is always a good thing for me.

  2. Comment take 2: yay yay yay on the house. Makes me so happy. It crossed my mind on Friday morning you hadn't said anything about the house in a while but exam was too of mind. Glad that is over. Thank God. All things happen in His time

    One good thing. K got into the school we really like and for the year we want 2018 because a family was relocating and a space became available. So we went for a family interview on Friday morning and got confirmation on Friday afternoon. Couldn't really get much work after that :)

  3. So pleased about your house. :-). Half of my work problems got sorted at this stage, and I have a commitment the other half will be sorted so time will tell :-).

  4. I am so glad about the house stuff! And glad about the exams - I am sure you did fine. A good thing - I got books to review from a publisher! It's an Afrikaans publisher but I feel very validated for being asked to do this.

  5. Good on you for completing the exam and going through with it. I am "minister of finance" too :)

  6. I am so happy for you that your house is sold....and that your Spanish dance is done. Your kiddies are getting so big now. The US were really between a rock and a hard place with this election. Hillary is truly evil and Trump is horrible. What do you do in a situation like that? I still can't believe that those two were the best they could come up with.


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