Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Indulging in my absolutely favourite activity

(which is reading!)

I had a great reading month in October.

9 books.

I have to say that my goal for this year was 70, and my real goal was to have it all read by mid-Dec, because for the last couple of years I've been frantically reading during December, not that that's a bad thing, but it would be nice to be more relaxed so I can also work for a week on my annual review/ goal-setting, etc. since that is in fact, my absolute favourite part of the whole year.

And... I'm killing it!

I'm already on 84 books and we have 6 weeks of the year left.

Most disappointing

Strengthsfinder 2.0 - once you take the test and read up on your 5 strengths, that's it really. Nothing else in the book.

The best yes (good but I write on this stuff so not as meaningful for me)
Falling free (also good - I love her heart but I didn't find it earth-shattering. Then again, we live in Africa so things the Americans think are wow are our reality on every street corner)

Notable reads
Run - my first Ann Patchett and one I found very interesting
Foolish mortals - my first Jennifer Johnston. A new (to me) Irish author that I discovered as she was interviewed on my favourite Irish podcast, Roisin Meets... I will definitely read her others!

I mentioned on Instagram that one of my Christmas traditions is to start reading books set at Christmas. A lot of it is intentional but obviously if I don't have any, I will read anything, but I do buy ahead and make sure I have tons of Christmassy books on my Kindle.

So that's what's happening in my reading life.

And ohhhhh, I'm listening to Rob Lowe's memoir, Stories I only tell my friends .... and loving it! In other fabulous news, Alec Baldwin's book will be released in April 2017. You may remember how much I love his voice so I canNOT wait!

Tell me what you're reading right now!

How was your reading in October (if you can even remember!)?


  1. I am reading what I call bubblegum reading...stuff that does not tax my mind. I have some nice books for December, good old fashioned, fantasy and horror. The bubblegum stuff I can read really quickly, but it has its place in my life.
    Last year instead of an advent calendar, we did a Christmas story or poem every night with Honeybear. He loved it and we loved it, so I am going to find another book I can read like that again.

  2. Go check the blog - did a book post yesterday. I do not think I have read as many Afrikaans books ever as I have this year.

  3. So I can't remember my October book count, but come end Nov will have a combined count for the two months. So pleased your reading has gone so well, I'm currently sitting at 328 books 0_o. I don't know if it'll happen next year - especially cos I need to finish thesis writing by July.

    I'm with you on the reading of books set at Christmas this time of the year, it's all lovely feelings.

  4. Wow 84 books. That is amazing. It's been a bad reading year for me. No where close to what I managed to read last year. Hoping that the holidays will be a good time to read for me.

  5. Oh gosh this was an Oct blog post. I am actually about to start reading Beyond the Tiger Mom :)

  6. Wow. That isna lot of books. I find that these days I only read during holidays and then I have my nose in a book all the Kobus irritation x

  7. 84books!!!! Wow, book club is going to be intense *shocked face*


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