Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday musings

(I was going to title this 7 on a Sunday... on a Monday... but it felt lame)

Right, how are you all doing?

I don't have a fireplace at my new house and I'm not sure where all our stuff will go :)

I'm doing great.

1. I had a wonderful weekend which D and I dissected in the car on the way to work and it's because of these elements:
  1. time with kids and D
  2. time in my passion (the 5 Love Languages workshop)
  3. time spent pottering (Christmas stuff....)
  4. time being productive (October photo organising complete!) and intentional (playing with my Shining Year workbook)
  5. time relaxing (photos, eating out, reading a whole book)
  6. time with friends (love languages and we went out for supper last night)

It's so nice to not be practising Spanish all the time.

2. I have some issues around this Spanish story which I need to talk through and decide what's the best way forward.

You see, many people have asked me why I'm doing Spanish, and why I do exams. And my usual answer (pre-this crazy exam period) was that I enjoy it. But I can't say that I had much joy this time around...

And if that's going to be the way it will be going forward, then quite frankly I can exercise for free at the gym (I joined in 2003 and paid about R600 then, so I pay nothing every month) and put the R600-odd into unit trusts/ paying off bond (things I really value) instead of this.... but I have some thinking to do because I'm also aware that it is the end of the year, this has been a tough period and I need some perspective....

3. The other night I got home just after the rain stopped and so, as you do, I put on my pyjamas and slippers and went prowling around the garden, taking pictures of the flowers with rain drops on them.

It was only about 10 - 15 minutes but it was such a glorious time of playing with my camera.

I'll show you some of those pics when I get to them but I thought I'd do a little photo workshop next year (nothing technical, really just how to "see differently", kind of a Superhero Photo lite) and then obviously we can all prowl around the garden and in the street practising our skills.

That sounds like such fun to me. What do you think?

How was your weekend? What made it a good/ not-so-good one?
Do you take time to do something for yourself daily?


  1. That does sound like a good weekend. I did a big cleanout job - and feel great about it apart that my back hurts like hell today. I also had great time on my own - went pottering in my favorite bookshop. It was an unexpected weekend as H was not meant to be home so I love that he was at the stables prize giving with us. Despite A having to learn for science today we had a very nice weekend = and a great Christmas carols church service last night

    1. D also did something to his back this weekend.

      Lovely on the cleanout - I'm sure you feel amazing about that!

  2. Yay for a good weekend.
    Ours was mostly good - we did some exploring, saw a friend who was in CT for short bit - went to a new for us place with her. Mostly good cos there was some grumps from the guys in the family. I kinda had time to myself, but it's more like that's time when putting K to sleep. I read then, and sometimes keep on read thereby cutting into time with J.

    1. Ah, how lovely to see your friend! And glad you had some time for you despite grumpy boys :0

  3. My weekend was okay. Had some nice down time with no need to be anywhere time on Saturday...just what I needed. Lounged around forever! Of course I woke up at 4 anyway, but I just fed the dog and then went straight back to bed.

    Sunday balanced the scales with the two part time kids here, and all the usual drama that comes with them.To put it on a scale...we had an almost 8 year old crying/sobbing for 30 minutes because she doesn't like toast. And almost 5 year old threw a whopper of a tantrum because he didn't want his dad to go buy something else. It was intense.

    1. It's lovely to just be without having to be somewhere!

      Also, strength with your part-timers. Gee whiz, that would try my patience big time. You're a rock star xx

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  5. The weekend was good with the highlight being the course on Saturday - I really enjoyed it :-) Thank you for taking the time to prepare it for us. My "time-out" every day is once the brats are sleeping. Then I jump into bed with a book or catch up on series etc.


    1. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it! I loved having you and talking about one of my favourite subjects in the world.

      I also love that you have a daily time-out!

  6. I need my time out daily.. needed to set me right.

    It was a good weekend- running, love language workshop and the icing on the cake meeting Pamela - we'be been friends in the computer for years and was lovely to finally meet in real life

  7. We have the same green christmas tree decoration :)
    Our weekends are manic right now. It is the time of year. Two more crazy ones to go and then we are done.


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