Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Best books of 2016 and November reading

I think you can spot the 3 Christmas books in last month's "read" pile, can't you?

The best was the Maeve Binchy, of course. I don't even like short stories but she has a way of doing them so they are, in fact, complete stories and you're left satisfied with the result and you cared about the characters.

Other than that, I read my best book (most entertaining and pure enjoyment) of the year this month, Stories I only tell my friends, by Rob Lowe. Do yourself a favour and get it on Audible. You can thank me later.

(I wrote this post on making audible/ podcasts work for you - please read it)

I won't say too much here because I wrote a post on Organising Queen on my best books of the year!

Now that post should definitely be read.

How is your reading going? Are you chasing a 2016 goal or have you relaxed into holiday mode? (for me holiday mode is plenty of reading!)

Goodreads sent me a thing on around about the 10th to tell me about my year in books. Um, sorry, I'm still a good 20 days out from finishing off this year and I'm reading all the way.

Since then I've read another three books, I'm 2/3 through with an audible book (this week's travelling will enable me to finish that one) and so I estimate I'll end on 96 books, which is perfect because that will be my highest number of books read since 1998 (when I started logging books on Goodreads. I read 95 books in 2001.

By the way, Goodreads only counts a book once, so even though I read The Life-Changing Magic.... twice, it doesn't count last year's one, just this year's read. Just in case that 69 was bothering you like it did me.


  1. How was the Holiday Swap and Christmas at comfort food cafe? Both of them have popped up as books I may like and I have been contemplating getting them. I finished a lovely Christmas book yesterday called Christmas at Nantucket by Nancy Thayer. I do enjoy her writing. I want to read at least another Christmas book before Sunday ;)

    1. Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe was better but I would recommend you read the first one in that series, Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe, first. Not entirely necessary but you will enjoy them both more.

      See if that Maeve Binchy is on Kindle - I recommend that one over these two :)

      PS I love nancy thayer and books set on Nantucket!

  2. Books ftw! I've been smashing my reading this year...and am worried that net year won't be the same. I'm currently sitting on 378 books 0_o And like you said the year isn't done yet.

    1. oh my sweet Lord. I am speechless.

  3. I went back and checked: 159 for me.

    1. oh my word, you are a machine.


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