Friday, December 02, 2016

Friendship Friday - the crazy, end of year rendition and friendship plans for next year

Well, hello.

I didn't mean to stay quiet for a whole week but we did have three days of concerts.... so there's that.

I do want to get this one out quickly so that I can put on a podcast and attack a certain box in my study before supper, so let's get to it.

1. I don't know what made me have this idea (maybe it's my friend spreadsheet) but I seemed to think that I need to see at least all my friends once this year. And so I've been going crazy, scheduling stuff. I happened to mention something to D and he outright told me I'm crazy so I've calmed down and now I'm telling myself a year, 14 months, whatever... :) (I'm still twitching a little bit inside though, truth be told)

2. The crafternoons have helped to see and spend time with friends this year but I'm not continuing them next year. Tomorrow is the last one of the year, and the last one forever probably.

I thought there would be more people involved when I started. That hasn't quite happened so I'm moving on. I'm not saying some of us won't craft together but it just won't be a Thing. If someone invites me over to craft, I'll go and vice versa.

3. I have some other plans though - Terisha and I have spoken about starting a bookclub and I'm really keen to get this going. If you know me (or have met me in person), I really get very passionate about books. It's just that I hate being told what to read a typical bookclub won't work. Anyway, I'll let you know more when things are clearer with us.

this friend completely spoke to my acts of service self :)

4. I also want to have more workshops next year. Not that friends need to come but I do love it when my friends support my passions. I'm definitely hosting another 5 Love Languages workshop and something keeps calling me to a photo workshop or a motherstyles workshop. We'll see.

5. Julia and I are starting a God Centered Mom podcast group. I need to find my Skype password to test the technology otherwise since it's just us two for now, we will whatsapp chat. If you're keen, subscribe to the God Centered Mom podcast and let me know so I can send you the first episode. This is super easy - listen, and we jump on Skype to discuss, and done. You can't get any easier.

6. I have some big financial goals for the next while. It's a number goal so when I hit it, I can relax again. I'm not at all concerned because I'm good with goals and this one should be hit within a year or two but I do need to limit my eating out with friends so I want to do more old-fashioned friend stuff, like having people over. Or cheaper friend dates like tea (R20) or lunch (R65) instead of suppers (R120 +).

7. Still, I've had a good November as far as friends are concerned even though the first 11 days were all things Spanish. Impromptu teas turned into long lazy afternoons, Face Time dates with faraway friends happened, the 5 Love Languages workshop and lunch with a friend, Sunday night suppers, and two work things but these don't count as work because they were such fun.

Tell me, do you have this crazy idea that you need to cram into the year all the friends? Or is that just me?

Are you changing your friends calendar for next year? Do tell!


  1. So not just you. The only exception to not seeing friends in a year is those who live far away, poor timing and budget horrors. Although maybe you should reconsider who makes the list of a friend worth seeing. So I have lots of "friends" but they're not all people I need to see. Other ways of staying in touch work for them.

  2. You can do whatever you set your mind to do. And if something makes you happy why not. I'm not a crafting person but I did enjoy using the time to organize some photos and the conversation. And yesterday I learnt new cake decorating tips. Thanks for hosting

    PS: You can use IMO for video chats very good and my siblings swear it uses less data... and you don't need to remember any passwords :)

  3. Do what makes you happy. This was another hectic year and I neglected a lot of my friends. I am not putting a heavy on myself though...I can only do what I can.

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  5. So I am only getting around to reading this post now. I had great intentions of relaxing and reading on the internet on Friday, but Kaylan kept me on my toes. I am sad to hear you are not continuing the crafternoons. I had so much fun at the 2 I attended and loved meeting Sam and Robyn at those events. I left your place so relaxed after each one. I would still love to get together to craft with you and have our bookclub. Also when you do have your photography workshop I would love to attend. I am a big fan of your photo style as you know. This year has been bad with regards to seeing friends and family. Actually most areas in my life has been badly neglected this year. Just this week I was looking at my photograph folder and I don't even have a folder for 2016. I have thousands of pics in 2015,2014 etc folders. That made me realise just hard/busy/disruptive this year was. I have read half the amount of books I normally read in a year. To be fair though, this year has brought so much of changes in my life and I am a creature of habit. I don't handle change well. I am hoping 2017 is much mcuh better year. Looking forward to seeing you this week.

  6. By now you know that I have once again neglected friends this year. I do hope without the horse riding at least next year will be better. We have decided we need to get to know some parents on the boys' side (we are friends with quite a few of A's) so we have decided on one from L and are seeing them on the 16th of December. C's I have two very good friends and we will get the hubbies to meet H later. So we have some intention there. We have not even seen our best friends in a month and a half! But it's been exams on both sides = the main reason

  7. I have been inspired to see more friends because I read your blog. Most of my friends are not bothered by large gaps between visits. We catch up when we intersect and are happy that way. Craft afternoons sound fun, sorry it did not work out.


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