Monday, December 12, 2016

It's downhill from here to the end of the year

So, school's out, kids are at home and not listening much (looks like Miss M has much better-behaved kids than we have at home!), and the roads are clear.

(we left at 7.30 and I was at work at 8.10; at that time of morning it would usually take a full hour of driving)

We had a full weekend of socials.

Actually, let's talk about that.

I'm an extrovert; D's an introvert and he's getting older and as such, I say more grumpy :)

So my need to be with people and around people are much higher than his.

Friday night we met up with two sets of work friends at a restaurant close to home. D had his year-end that afternoon so he said he would just pop in to say hi (because I said "they really want to meet you"). The kids and I were going to go (my kids' favourite thing is to go to restaurants!) Well, he enjoyed himself so much he stayed. Maybe because he was sitting next to the one husband who was relaxed and not very loud?

How do you guys deal with this? All not go if the husband indicates non-participatory vibes? Go alone?

On Saturday afternoon we had a lunch plan with very close friends of ours. We love being with them and the kids are comfortable there too so that was wonderful in every way.

On Sunday afternoon I had two work friends plus partners over for tea. Again, D said he'd pop in and out but wanted to be free to not have to socialise. So that's what we did. Lovely time, D did his thing; I was obviously with my guests the entire time. Kids were out til about 4.30 and then arrived home with granny.

I guess I'm saying that this kind of mish-mash of socials works for both of us. I would be miserable if "forced" to not have people over, and he'd be miserable if "forced" to socialise too much.

What works for you?
Are your kids going mad at home yet?
Do you have a busy December?

PS I decided that is it. No more forcing socials into this month. I have a couple of dates during work hours with friends and one playdate after Christmas, and that is that.


  1. WE had a relatively social weekend for us - Friday night the two of us went out for our anniversary and Saturday evening was with our family besties. It was such a great evening. I think neither of us are total extroverts so our level for social interaction is less than yours but maybe more than D?

    1. That's the key - finding the happy medium!

  2. We try to go for a happy medium, I'm the extrovert with J and K being introverts. It helps that I get some social time in during the day...otherwise I'd not have a full tank. K is at school till the 23rd, nursery school ftw!

    1. Thank you for mentioning the kids! I have one of each but K still loves to have people over.

      Indeed, nursery school for the win!

  3. That was one full weekend you had! And I love that you and D have a compromise that works. Happy medium ... I do my thing Y does his thing. I learnt each person is happier that way. I'm the more social person, hubby not so much and no need dragging him to things were he thinks he won't enjoy being there

    Clearly people in PTA didn't get the memo it is end of year. Traffic is still quite chaotic

    1. True - you and Y do your own thing. I would love to know what his love language is :) :)

  4. We only have a small handful of friends and I'd say for the most part, they're my friends more than his ie. I'm friends with the lady and the hubster has become friends with her hubby through our friendship. At the beginning of this year, we made a list of friends who we wanted to socialise with, and we "ditched" the rest and I must be honest, it's worked very well for us. Previously, I'd have to force him to socialise. Now I just check if a day/night works for him and he's happy to tag along. Having said that, I usually have a lot of "social things" without him.

    1. I love that the re-evaluation led to a happy ending.

      Interestingly, D came home yesterday, said he ran into so and so (parents of friends of K and C, and we should invite them over!). I nearly fainted! But I will send them a mail to see if they want to come over...


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