Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Currently.... in 15 minutes

Bringing you another old-school blog post (no pics) that I may or may not update this afternoon.


A Maeve Binchy collection of short stories around a theme. This woman knew how to do a short story. I keep saying I don't even like short stories but she does them perfectly. Plenty of character development and plot so you don't feel anything is unsaid.

I want to discuss one of these for Book Club, it is that good :)


I'm catching up on all my podcasts but Se7en, you'll be happy to know I deleted a whole bunch too!

I'm also re-listening to Better than Before on Audible since it is the new year and a book about habit formation can only be good, right?


I've been doing the mother of all backups.

It started when I did my usual monthly photo backup and my external hard drive didn't have enough space.

Now, I know how this can go. You then postpone the buying and so on, and your computer crashes....

So I went onto Takealot and bought the first thing that looked like it could do the job.

R1000 later, it was only supposed to be delivered tomorrow but it was delivered yesterday morning (two days early!)

So one disc will keep photos, and the other will have Other (all my business stuff, all my online products - I think there are about 30 - I should check), personal, budgets, etc.

The photos finished earlier and I'm finishing off the other stuff.

I must say, it's so nice to have just a couple of hundred from this year, and I have a "use for blogging" folder with all organising/ goals type photos.


Book Club and a Happier Project I'm writing about tomorrow on Organising Queen. I want you all to join me if it sounds remotely interesting.


Nail polish. I'm going to insta at some point but I figured out I need about 24 nail polishes tops. I sorted them last night while cooking and there are many I didn't use/ used once. If you want some, let me know.

Alright, have to go fetch my Grade 2 babies! I can't wait to hear all the stories. Big kids are such fun :)

What are you reading, listening to, doing, planning and decluttering?


  1. Reading The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult - haven't read a book of hers in forever so hoping it's good. Looking forward to book club starting! Yay. Definitely need to start decluttering at some stage...put Riley's immunisation card somewhere "safe" and haven't been able to find it :-( let's not mention the fact that he doesn't have a birth certificate either cos we lost it like the day after he was born - parent fail!!!

  2. OH MY WORD, that's funny! It would drive me dilly to have that happen. Poor Riley. Can they give him a new card?

    I can't wait for book club to start - I'm sending out the invite now!

    And... have never read a Jodi Picoult. Have only read one Jojo Moyes too. Terisha bought me the famous one for my birthday and I've been saving it for a good time!

    1. You are missing out. Jodi Picoult is brilliant.

    2. I loved My sisters keeper and 19 minutes but honestly she has become a "recipe" author for me. However apparently the newest is great.

  3. Marcia, some of Jodi Picoult's books are right up your give her a whirl. Also then we'd have some reading in common :p A happier project sounds great. And yay for a quick catch-up post.

    1. I somehow have never read her books? But willing to do Small Tiny Things or whatever, just for Jodie :)

  4. Oooh Book club, I am jealous. Always wanted to be part of a book club. For the social aspect. I am planning a garage declutter (those Christmas balls are everywhere). I am starting "Disgrace" today. Planning on a better job experience this year.

    1. Nothing stopping you from joining us!

  5. I am going all kinds of crazy here, filling in school forms. Kaylan brought home, homework and a mountain of forms on the first day of school. Wasn't expecting that! I'm trying to figure out a system to keep track of the PE days, swimming days etc so that I send the right stuff to school and that its not only my responsibility ;) I am also still sorting out the house and next I need to find a place for the things he brings home from school. What do you do with it? Kaylan LOVES art and his creations are very precious to him. I haven't read since Sunday :(

    1. Precious friend, I hope things are calmer this week. Can I suggest you print out one of those calendars I keep instagramming (mine or the one I linked to yesterday) and write all the stuff on there.

  6. I am still trying to find the right au pair - hopefully today will sort that out. Filled in a million forms and A and I covered heaps of books. So glad she can help now

    1. Hope you find a good au pair too!


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