Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Extraction and implant

I'm busy with a post about Trump but I need to chat about my tooth quickly.

Remember last year I went to the dentist.

My (root canal) tooth came loose.

The emergency dentist cemented it but said she didn't know how long it would last.

So I had to make an appointment with my real dentist.

That was last Thursday.

Here's the thing:

The little root has fractured and is no longer strong enough to support my tooth.

They told me (the dental surgeon and my dentist) I have to have it extracted and an implant put in. Then my gum has to grow around this implant and they make me a new tooth and put that in, three months later. Oh my word.

I blocked it out because I heard "we will manage the pain" and "outpatient procedure" and I had that whooshing sound in my head...

(some of you know I hate dentists!)

The quote arrived today. R10 617. Medical aid rates provided you have that kind of money in your medical savings account.

I was drinking tea now and suddenly something feels funny in my mouth. I go check and that tooth is loose again. Not completely but in a day or so it will be completely loose.

So I guess this is urgent then.

I was googling and that is never a good idea. We know this but I have to know!

And all this talk of pain and recovery is freaking me out.

Tell me, have any of you had an implant? what was your experience?  


  1. Oh I have this coming up too - very scared

  2. Ouch, that sounds hectic!!

  3. I hate going to the dentist or any doctor. The only procedure I has done was removing my wisdom teeth. And that was painful. I hope you have a good experience and a painless one too!

  4. I still have a gap because I haven't done it. Really expensive. Good luck though!

  5. Haven't done it. It's scary, but dental health is important...and you need to give yourself dental health.

  6. I haven't but what some dentists fail to tell patients is some people's body reject the implant. That happened to a colleague, her implant literally came off. - and that wasn't the first time I've heard of that happening


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