Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Grade 2!

I'm getting bored with myself.

You see, I keep saying "I can't believe it's been a week" and other such things, but yet I'm not changing my behaviour.

I'm re-listening to Better than Before, Gretchen Rubin's book on habits (highly recommended) and I clearly need to use the Strategy of Scheduling. Even though blogging is something I enjoy, I just don't get here unless I put it on my to-do list. So maybe that's what needs to happen.

But for now, let's talk about school.

So we've been back at school for a week already and it feels so much more chilled this year in terms of routines.

The kids are in different classes for the first time since pre-school and they don't seem to be missing their twins one bit.

Connor is with a firm teacher (which he needs) and Kendra is with a very soft and lovely teacher.

We had Parents Evening last night where the (new) principal spoke very briefly. We then went to our kids' separate classrooms. Suddenly the desks and chairs seem so small :)

We both met both teachers who seem friendlier than last year's teacher. There's a whatsapp group for the one class and the other class uses the notebook method.

What else?

Oh right, I love, love, love when the teachers say things that I have been saying because we all know the kids think the teachers know everything. So now I'm all Miss A and Miss W said you need 11 hours sleep a night, and so on and so on.

So that's school.

Did I tell you I saved about R1200 by buying my stationery on my own instead of the packs through the W stationers? And I am even more aware of time wastage than you are - I only made two trips "out of my way" but not really since the store is on the way home from work. Everything else from CNA and PnP.


One surprising thing that has happened this year...

The kids have had breakfast every day AND have been eating all their lunch. I'm pleasantly surprised. Usually Connor tells me he's too busy playing and Kendra mostly eats but only if no breakfast.

We haven't changed anything that we're putting on the lunch - cheese/ peanut butter and a piece of fruit.

Oh, I follow an Irish athlete (after hearing her on a podcast) and she does this Overnight Oats. Oats with milk put in fridge. Take out the next morning, add fruit and eat.

I do oats with milk and cinnamon sugar. I leave the two bowls in the fridge (they LOVE this and I do too - it's my acts of service love language) and they can take it out and heat for 30 minutes. I'm not sure what the big fuss is because they don't even get other fruit put on the top but they LOVE it. Maybe they feel the love?

Okay, I have to listen to reading now.

What's surprised you about school this year?
Do you like your kids' teachers?


  1. So glad that you guys had no problem adjusting to grade 2. The kids look so grown up in their uniforms this year. I like Kaylan's teacher this year. She uses a whatsapp group for communications and it makes such a big difference to last year where we weren't properly notified of things. She is also one of those people who bring out the best in special needs kids and is so patient with them.(She is actually the principal who started the school). So Kaylan loves her and doesn't fuss to go to school. Hope its lasts the whole year.

    1. So glad you both like Kaylan's teacher. Communication is a big deal for me - I can't stand last-minute requests!

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  3. Nicola is with the principal's wife this year. So far she seems lovely. We have our parent teacher eve on monday, so then I can form my own opinion on more than just a greeting.

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  5. L is with the same lovely teacher C had last year. I am so glad because we both know her well. The other two do not really make a difference as all classes has he same subjects with the same teachers but C's homeroom teacher is very young but VERY organized which I love. A's homeroom is the media centre/library and she feels like she sits in heaven every day

  6. mmm maybe I need to try overnight oats with Cameron. He has decided to really focus on swimming this year which means a change in diet and oats is one of the things his coach recommends but he needs on the go food either at 4h30 or 6h15 on training mornings so this could work.
    School has been pretty uneventful for us, except for Emma's terrible tantrums :(
    I am about to take on K's school about stationery packs! Hers cost me nearly R4000!!!!!!


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