Friday, February 17, 2017

{Friday Five} The "I can't stop talking about" edition

I loosely decided that I need to give myself some boundaries around Instagram otherwise I'm going to end up in an Instagram coma every morning.

Some mornings I go with D to work so there's no break, other mornings I read for a bit looking out the lounge window, with a cup of tea, and other mornings I decided I should write up a quick blog, like today.

So here we go: things I can't stop talking about:

Oh my soul, I love talking goals, intentions, how to get at them, how to get better at them. It's my passion :)

Goals night is my favourite night of the month!

traffic in Jhb this year
I'm boring myself but honestly, I don't remember when last the traffic was this awful. I wised up after a few days and arrive at 9:30 - 10:00 these days and leave at 3.30 to miss the traffic. Even the 3.30 didn't work the other day :o

It's good but it means I'm mixing my lives (working at home) which I'm not a fan of, because I'm a clear compartmentaliser.

As I typed that word, I thought I should write up a full post on Organising Queen because I've realised I have podcasts for a Friday, podcasts for the shower, podcasts for editing photos, podcasts for listening with D, podcasts for driving, podcasts for cooking and also, podcast topics I simply delete once I see the topic!

Any new podcast listeners? (I'm going to keep asking) This is year 3 for me.

Okay, to be fair, I've always talked a lot about books but I think the book club has accelerated my bookish-ness.

Also, you know my friend Se7en builds a library every year, right? Please see if you can donate a book or three. They are gifts to these kids (and over 1000 others) so should be in gift-condition or new. For my US friends, if you shop from Readers Warehouse, Takealot or Loot, they will deliver (for low minimums, completely free shipping!) directly to the address so it's no fuss!

Read more here!

The kids started learning Afrikaans last year but it was very mild compared to this year. I'm the only one who actually speaks Afrikaans so I'm the one who has to listen to Gouelokkies being read a million times a week.

And that's it for today!

I'm looking forward to a quick lunch today and then.... weekend!

What can you not stop talking about?
Will you donate a book?

PS It feels like an orange day today so I looked through my favourites for orange pics :) Which is your favourite orange pic?


  1. Love the spot of turquise in the orange pic. I have to laugh about the Afrikaans - it will get easier. I have now started to get into TED talks! Lunch time. Love it

    1. There's a new Afrikaans thing every week!!!!

      I'm still not hugely into video except to see how to pronounce things like hygge :)

  2. Picture 1... I can't get enough of sun... my child has even started noticing too and alswaya exclaims - mommy see beautiful sunshine (which is usually sunset :) )

    I don't look forward to when we will have to do Afrikaans - no one here speaks it. I suspect we'll use google translate a lot :)

    Podcast - still no. My car radio is usually on talk radio to catch up on current affairs of listening to "music" according to K which means nursery rhymes

    1. Current affairs is definitely what I'm staying away from for my mental health 😜😜

  3. Thank you so much for the shout out!!! The launch of a new library project is always a little daunting and yet each year somehow a library has come together... It is exciting seeing how the project grows... dying for this years library to fly!!!

    1. I'm excited to help build your library! πŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. All we talk about here is politics. It's suffocating.

    1. I can only imagineπŸ˜‰ 😠


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