Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bookish things a whole month late

I was looking for my Feb post and realised.... I never posted about my books.

February was a great month for reading for many reasons:

  1. We had our first book club.
  2. I discovered Overdrive (free digital and audio books that are actually things I want to read, not the cheap stuff from Bookbub) 
  3. 11 books!

Let's talk about the books:

8 fiction; 3 non-fiction
3 Audible; 3 Physical; 5 Kindle books

  • The one that delighted me the most - Parenting without Power Struggles (but listen at 1.25 speed)
  • New-to-me author that I'll definitely read again - Clare Dowling's Just the three of us
  • Old but loved author - Carole Matthews's A cottage by the sea, and....
  • Our book club read - I let you go, a solid 4* book
My word of the year is GIVE. And yes, I've been giving but I've been receiving a lot too. God is so fun!

One friend sent me a $10 Amazon gift card :) :) (imagine the Spanish dancing girl emoji)

Have you read a new-to-you author lately?
Or an old but loved author?

I'll be back next week with my March books ;)


  1. Great books are the best. I've not been keeping month to month track of my reads...I should get back into that tracking habit.

    1. go easy on yourself - you've got lots of stuff on your plate

  2. That Clare DOwling book looks great! I have read many new Afrikaans authors, some of which were a really pleasant surprise. I have just started with Frederick Bakman (A man called Ove) next book and from page 1 it is great

    1. His first one was an internet hit so I'm thinking this one will too!

      I'll bring the Clare Dowling for you next time I see you.

  3. 11 books - you amaze me. So looking forward to the next bookclub. Haven't started the book as yet though.

    1. Ha! Ask me what didn't get done - virtually no blogging, no walking, very little cooking :)

      All trades I'm very happy to make!

      I haven't started the bookclub read either. I'm waiting for the weekend of the 15th!


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