Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let's talk about lunches... yours, not kids

The other day I read a post on Cup of Jo about work lunches and this, of course, prompted a discussion in the office, because I am fascinated by the daily minutae of other people's lives.

Or inquisitive. Take your pick.

I generally see food as "breakfast", "lunch" or "supper" food and I don't like to mix my categories unless I'm super lazy.

So I never eat cereal for anything other than breakfast (unless there was food at a 9 am meeting and I had that instead of my cereal).

If I eat too many "lunch" meals which I actually define as "supper", I'll get bored with supper meals and that is not a good thing...

I typically bring a sandwich of some sort with a protein and veg, and then fruits and a yoghurt for my snacks.

Carb - always wholewheat bread, otherwise on a Monday, I may bring a roll if we have any left over from the weekend
Protein - tuna/ egg/ ham/ cheese (rarely, because then I have to bring a grater to work too)
Veg - usually tomato, sometimes cucumber, sometimes carrots

Favourite winter lunches:
  • Garlic roll, my homemade soup (which is lentil and vegetable - always at least 1 P/ 2 V on Weighless)
  • Toast, oodles of cottage cheese, Weigh-Less tomato and roasted pepper soup/ my own homemade soup
  • Wholewheat toast, baked beans and soup
  • Leftover pasta :)
Favourite summer lunches:

Wholewheat toast with
  • tuna mixed with onion, tomato and a smidge of mayonnaise (and a mint sweet for afterwards :))
  • eggs (I either make an omelette with onions, or I "boil" the eggs in the microwave at work, and slice them with tomatoes)
  • cottage cheese mixed with avo, and cucumber slices
Now that I'm looking at my lunches, no wonder I'm so bored.

I'm not the type of person (there are plenty, I've found) who can eat the same thing for lunch day in and day out. I'd go mental.'

And I'm soooo not a salad person. I need salads on my sandwich, not in place of :)

So, some ideas from the comments on Cup of Jo...
  • one lady said she takes supper leftovers for lunch and the fact that she needs food for the leftovers is a great incentive to not overeat at supper. LOVE this idea (in theory) because there are only ever leftovers if I make pasta, and in winter I do take this in maybe twice a month.
  • some people cook a lunch meal on the Sunday and eat the same thing Mon - Thurs... 
  • smoothies...

In our office, some buy a salad from the trolley (pasta for the boys and greens for the girls), some pop to the mall to buy lunch, some bring leftovers and some bring a bag full of stuff to assemble lunch at work (me!).

What do you typically eat for lunch?

PS a post from 4 years ago on the kids' lunches. And another one specifically on school lunch boxes.


  1. I'm extremely boring and tend to have the same thing day in and day out. I need to get better at bringing my lunch rather than buying because it does affect the budget. I do buy my own hot chocolate as I don't drink coffee or tea and buying my own comes to 40c - 60c a cup rather than $3.50 - $5.50 at the cafe.

    1. I know. I do keep a box of Woolworths cappuccinos for the once in 3 weeks when I feel like a cappuccino (R4 vs R25)

  2. I love supper leftovers for lunch but I first pack for H as he is far from somewhere to buy if he does not have and he is not a sandwich person. I also boil eggs in the micro at the office and sometimes also assemble lunch at the office as you do. And I also like salad with my bread and not just salad. I grate cheese at home and freeze it grated in containers for the office - maybe try that Then I make toasted cheese samies at work Soup in winter is a huge favorite

    1. That's very kind of you and true, he is more in need of the leftover food :)

  3. At my previous company, I tried out so many types of lunches. 90 % of the time I took lunch from home (my mum used to make my lunch everyday as we travelled together) Like you, I also like my food to be fresh so I often assembled it at work. My mum used to pack pita's/wraps for me to toss into the microwave and pack the fillings separate. I have the omelette maker from Tupperware so I would make omelettes at least once a week. (My mum would chop everything up for me) And on some days she would make cottage pies or pasta/mac and cheese for lunch. I would just need to heat it in the microwave. I was so spoilt with her yummy lunches. Now that I work from home, (and make my own lunch) lunch is usually leftovers or toasted cheese etc

    1. Of course you have the omelette maker :) :)

      You were very spoilt with your mom's lunches. is her love language acts of service?

  4. We do leftovers. Fortunately K has lunch at school, so it means leftovers works. There are days though when there aren't leftovers/are very busy...then it's a quick grab of something at a food spot.

    1. Seems like leftovers are the thing!

  5. I can eat any meal at anytime if I feel like. Think cereal at night or rice at breakfast :) What I really don't like is sandwiches and burgers. So very rarely will I eat those. I would rather have a wrap. I cook mostly on weekends and we have that for dinner and when I'm not lazy I take some to office for lunch. If I use the office canteen then I tend to have roast chicken or beef with rice or roast potatoes. If am working from home then usually a salad with chicken or halloumi cheese or stir fry. Many people in my office use the office canteen or pop into the mall.


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