Monday, March 20, 2017

Things that are making me super happy

I just checked on the date of my last post and.. it was two weeks ago.


I'm using the writing of this post as a warm-up for my "real" writing on OrganisingQueen because I have a goal to write 5 posts this week.

1. It's practically a public holiday today

I feel very strongly that when a public holiday is on a Tuesday or Thursday, it's almost a sin to not take the Monday or Friday as leave :)

I always take these days off unless I'm out of leave...

Sadly, D is working but I did have a date with my cuties instead.

2. Book club

Oh my gosh, book club is making me so happy. We've started, we've had two meetings and people are reading!

I'm so enjoying all the bookish talk and really, why did I not do this earlier?!

3. Nanny S is back

Nanny S's sister died last weekend so she was off for the week again (that's three weeks in the last month). That part is not happy at all.

But she was back today. I told the kids if she's back then we can have the date mentioned above but if not, probably we'll be working.....probably doing laundry.

We did work on the kids' rooms because they want to share a room and not have their own rooms.

We'll have to see how this goes because their neatness personalities do not align...

Is anything making you happy today?
Share in the comments!


  1. Work makes me happy. I seem to have found my feet. The pay could be better but satisfaction levels are good. My new manager / owner of company told me that she's not sure they would have managed this month without me. That's a nice thing to hear.

    Other happy comes from Nicola. I was worried how the break up would affect her, but it looks like 90% of the time she's on cloud 9.

    1. I'm thrilled that your work is making you happy. But more than that, I'm double thrilled that she appreciates your efforts!!!

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  3. Bookclub also brings me so much joy. It's something I really look forward to. Thanks again for oraganising everything. Today, my clean house is making me happy. We had the helper in yesterday and the fact that everything is still clean and I don't have to do any work s making me soooo happy.The little things bring so much joy!!!

    1. And you are such a good host! I think we all feel intimidated now :)

      I LOVE a clean house!

  4. Oh gosh yes, I am so sad to have missed bookclub this month but it is one of my biggest joys. Just being able to function makes me very happy at the moment!

    1. So glad book club is one of your great joys!

  5. Yay for things that make you happy. I'm struggling to find the happy right now :-/

    1. Well, you have a super cute boy!

  6. Was thinking of Nanny S this past weekend! Sorry to hear about her sis may her soul Rest In Peace and praying for comfort for the family.

    K's school is like you. They get the Monday and Friday off of a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday. So planning to start doing that too. But I think there is only one left this year
    What is making me happy. Flexibility to work from home which I am taking advantage of. And I'm more than quarter way to my 2017 walking/running goals - I'm up to 562KM (copying you insert Spanish dancing emoji) :) :)


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