Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

It's the end of the Easter weekend and it's been a really lovely one.

Relaxing, even!

I had this bright idea to invite D's mom for Good Friday lunch. Well, I said sometime over the weekend, and D said, "let's do it on Good Friday so it's over and done with". He is a keeper and comes up with the best ideas!

So that's what we did and our only people commitments were over and done with.

A few notable moments:
  1. church on Good Friday morning
  2. family lunch afterwards
  3. RAIN!
  4. running around the garden with my camera after the rains - this is my best!
  5. reading, reading, reading my Jenny Colgan
  6. gym as usual on Saturday morning
  7. supreme chilling and pottering
  8. playing with my website for hours and hours and hours (some of this was pure torture but needs must... and the one thing is still not fixed - my picture was linking to an old domain I've let go and I can't find where to change that in the code)
  9. Remembering that Jesus rose from the dead! 
  10. An Easter egg hunt - this is Connor's favourite thing of the whole year - he's been talking about it since January.... and they had such fun. We have a much bigger garden so they were occupied forever.
  11. more chilling
  12. a power outage, short walk and "the best supper ever" (French bread with cheese/ apple slices/ yoghurt and a mini doughnut in case you want to replicate :)) by candlelight
  13. the power came on after two hours so I RAN to the kettle to make tea and jumped into bed with my book 
and here we are - Monday.

We're going to see a movie later - Boss Baby. I adore Alec Baldwin, especially his voice, so I can't wait.

But the best news for today is.....tomorrow Alec Baldwin's memoir releases. Of course I pre-ordered so I will get it at midnight!

How was your Easter weekend?

PS My children have just discovered Siri and it's the most fun ever!


  1. Your weekend sounds like so much fun!!!! I can't believe you like AlecB! Hope the movie was good.

    Oh the joys of Siri:)

    Easter weekend was fun and busy and relaxing on some days and not much on some days. 3 day wedding so fun, church on Friday and Sunday, baking cheese cake and tried out a new recipe for vanilla cake. And to top it all off I did 33KM and read a bit

    1. I LOVE Alec Baldwin! Love! Have you listened to an episode of Here's the thing. PS I don't buy your "I don't have a commute" excuse :) You run a lot :)

      How did the vanilla cake turn out?

    2. I had to stop using listening devices while running because they aren't allowed at races for safety reason so I've had to train myself to stop and haven't done so in over 2 years

    3. That makes sense. The other day I pointed out a teenager to D who nearly walked into a car turning because he had earphones in and couldn't hear the car.

  2. We had a socially busy Easter weekend (for me) but had a lot of fun and my friend tank is filled. My kids ask Siri all sorts of questions and I often giggle at
    "her" whitty answers.

    1. I used to only bark instructions at Siri. And then we have to do a little bit of a broader accent otherwise she says she can't understand :)

      SO happy for your friend tank being full. Mine is half empty at the moment :)

  3. Your Easter weekend looked lovely. I saw your pics on instagram when I was having 1 too many lazy moments and was inspired to get off the couch.The Easter weekedend just flew by. My mum had a prayer on Friday that some of my friends attended. So we had a lovely time catching up. Then we had family visiting from Australia and it was wonderful seeing them after 6 years. I made Easter baskets for Kaylan and Mayuri and loved every second of it. Mayuri also had a dance recital that we attended and it was lovely. We also spent so much time watching movies and I spent a whole afternoon coloring with my mum. Absolutely no studying got done which I am panicked about now.


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