Monday, May 08, 2017

A complete mixed bag :0

So I'm having a fabulous reading year.

I consciously starting spending fewer hours on social media each day last year, and that habit has thankfully continued so it's translated well to my reading.

And I realised I could actually read much more if I didn't listen to any podcasts or I didn't blog on Organising Queen.

But as it stands, I'm really happy with my reading life at the moment. I'm listening to enough books, and reading a more or less equal number of physical and Kindle/ Overdrive books.

How happy are you with your reading life on a scale of 1 - 10?

These were my April books.

I read 12 in total - 1 audible, 7 Kindle and 4 physical books.

Books that received 4 out of 5 * (I have probably given only 2 - 3 5* reviews per 100 books read)

  1. Mad about you
  2. Two Fridays in April
  3. My husband's wife
  4. Oxygen (our book club read)
  5. Little Beach Street Bakery (Jenny Colgan
  6. The Marriage Lie
Most disappointing read
Recipes for love and murder

Books that were really well-written (and that also made me happy - English/ Irish setting?)
Mad about you and Two Fridays in April

There were a couple of books where I'd invested too much time in and would have abandoned if not for that little fact because it's not like you can add up all the half-read books :)

Still, hopefully this month will be a great reading month too.

I already read a fantastic non-fiction which I talked about a little on Instagram if you want to see.

But back to you.

Tell me about your most disappointing read in April, and one that made you super happy.


  1. I had far too many meh April reads :(

    Some great ones, but because I'm not tracking my books as well this year as I did last...I can't remember all the names :(

    1. That's why I love tracking, Cassey. I wouldn't remember anything otherwise ;)

  2. I can't wait for Wednesday 5pm when my exams are over and I can start reading, coloring and scrapbooking again. I have a pile of books waiting to be read. Haven't been on goodread for 2 months or so.

    1. Gosh, two months is too long. Happy reading!!!

  3. I really want to read My Husbands wife! Glad you enjoyed Mad about You. I do realize Tannie Maria is not everyone's cup of tea but I love her of course. I am having my best reading year is a looong time and had fabulous books in April

    1. So glad you're having a great reading year and I can recommend any Amanda Prowse!

  4. I have been listening to audiobooks, but it is stuff I would not normally read, if I was physically reading. I tried to track the books, but I gave up now. Between all three types of book, it was too much effort.
    HB is now a member of the library with me, and I am so looking forward him loving it the way I used to love the library when I was a child, and I still do.

    1. Do you use Goodreads? The tracking is super simple. I used to write down in an actual book which was a schlep but still worth it. This is so easy (Goodreads) that it's no trouble at all!

  5. Hi, Marcia Lou! Look at me, reading a blog! (It's been ages. I miss you.)

    I read Anita Shreve's The Pilot's Wife, and it was excellent! So much so that I'm having trouble reading a less-entertaining book now! HA! I finally settled on "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode", and it's going well. Still, I find myself craving my next fiction book! I just bought The Handmaid's Tale that's next on my list.

    Hugs to you!!!

    1. What? Mandy?

      (Sorry! Couldn't resist ;))

      You should read/ listen to non-fiction on your commute. Sooooo many good books. And then save fiction for bedtime and weekends!

  6. Leaving time by Jodi Picoult! It was less than stellar. Not my cup of tea. I'm going to read one more of her book but I'm beginning to think I might only like Small great things.

    1. Ha! I wonder if you should try one more :) I've only read one but I loved it (Sing me home or something like that)

  7. I've only read the one Jodi P. I have one out from the library - maybe I should read that this weekend?


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