Tuesday, May 02, 2017

So hey, it's May!

We've just been away for 5 days and I feel like I want to write before I forget things.

Driving there was easy-peasy. Still took us 5.5 hours because we stopped at the Dinosaur Park on the way. This was part of our bright idea to make the journey part of the holiday.

This is not my usual style - I really like to Get There and I don't like Faffing Around while travelling :)

Yesterday it took us 6.5 hours to get back. Only one stop but LOTS of roadblocks. Remind me to not travel on a public holiday again.

I'll put up a post with pictures when I finished deleting all the duds :)

April was good, wasn't it?

It feels like it was both busy and relaxing, which is super weird. Maybe it feels busy because of all the public holidays because I don't feel like I had many socials. I did get to see two friends I haven't seen the whole year so that was really, really nice.

Book club is going well. So well I'm seriously thinking of starting another book club - this time for children.

Am I mad? 

I've started a Goodreads account for Connor (I still have to do Kendra's one) and they tell me what they like and don't like. Granted, it's like pulling teeth but I want to get them used to enjoying books. I keep telling them it's the best thing in the world to have time to read :)

Other than socials and reading (which I'll of course write more about), I've been thinking a lot about friendship and such. That post is still percolating but I'll write when I'm ready.

Aside from that, I had a Brazilian Hairdo that didn't work. The lady is cross about it (I was very nice but I whatsapped her 2 videos of my non-straight hair...) so now it's awkward to go back. For the love!

So how was your April? Did you go away? How was the trip? And how's your hair looking?

PS this was the first holiday in years (maybe 6 - 7 years) where I didn't take my laptop!


  1. Your holiday looks wonderful! I wish we were away a bit - I need it but at the moment it is simply not an option.

    1. I know what you mean. On the one hand I wish we could be away more but finances prohibit!

  2. Can't wait to see the pics of your holiday. The family one on instagram was beautiful. April was a busy month. I didn't get to half of the studying I needed to do. There were too many unexpected socials wth family and friends which were all lovely. But that's the important thing in life. An exam is just an exam at the end of the day. (I am tryingto make myself feel better ha)

    1. I have finished editing - I just got on with it this weekend so I didn't read much (only 70% of a book) but over 700 photos plus 300-odd iphone are all done, in folders, backed up and I'm done with April :)

      I love the process of justifying the no studying ;)

  3. I like making the drive part of the holiday. Makes it so much fun. And yes never a good idea to be on the road on a public holiday except you jet off very very bright and early before everyone does.

    What is the issue with the hair? Why not go back so she can see what the issue is and hopefully fix it.

    April was a mixed bag I enjoyed all the down time but then 2 out 3 of us were sick and I was the "sickest" for almost 2 weeks so not good at all but thankfully all better now

    I'm finally learning that I was under moisturizing my hair. Turns out natural hair needs more moisture (water) and oil more than relaxed hair. Learning with each passing day and seeing the results

    1. ooh, this hair thing sounds fascinating!

      My hair is still curly but it's not curly throughout (which would be frustrating but would look better) - it's straight at roots and tips, and in between curly so it looks awful. I will send you a pic!

      So glad you're better!!!


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