Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Which 3 things are most contributing to your happiness right now?


This is the fun thing about podcasts.

There's the topic (which is the thing that's published) but most of the podcasts also have some questions they always ask their guests.

Shauna Niequist (she wrote Bittersweet - still on my Kindle! - Bread and Wine (joint favourite non-fiction of 2014 with the Nesting Place), Savor, Present over Perfect, and my favourite essay about using your stuff) just started a podcast (this Monday was episode 3!) and in addition to the usual stuff, she asks her guests fun things about food, cooking and the question above.

Since I don't have my own podcast, let's just pretend you're all my guests.

The 3 things that most contribute to my happiness right now are:

the gorgeous visuals of autumn (I can't get enough!)
I've been on two dedicated photohunts already and still, I keep driving by trees and thinking, "oh! I really should come back with my big camera to take more pics!"

(Jeanette, if you're still reading, the place where we met for lunch on Rivonia has AMAZING leaves!)

I decluttered about 15 in April, and I found a ton more. Maybe I had to let go to find new good ones?

I've discovered a thing - I can actually fast forward when there's too much preamble I'm not interested in. I always knew this could be done but I was too much of a good girl to actually do it.

new jeans
I bought some new jeans at Pick 'n Pay clothing and they are tighter so I don't have to roll the top over. So much happiness!

This is not a "what I wore on Friday" blog so you'll just have to see them in person.

So, tell me.

Which 3 things are most contributing to your happiness right now?


  1. I feel fairly unhappy today so thinking up three things is a good thing:
    1. I listened to a a really lovely podcast by Jennifer Kolari about the CALM technique. Makes sense to me and it does seem to work.
    2. Our grocery budget is finally where I want to be...we feel such a sense of achievement.
    3. Things are never as bad as they are in my head...I exaggerate the drama.

    1. Well, then this is rather timely. I hope you're feeling better today and YAY to your grocery budget. Can you write a post because my grocery budget is a problem at the moment?

  2. My 3 things are:
    1. Now that my exams are over, I can read, colour, watch movies etc. Really missed my hobbies.
    2. Also enjoying podcasts. I listened to 3 that you recommended yesterday while cleaning up.
    3. Really enjoying our home this season. Love snuggling up and relaxing in front of the heater n pj's with book or my colouring.

    1. I love that your exams are over! And that you listen to podcasts :) Enjoy all the hygge!

  3. Oh gosh, you know I am in such a bad spot right now, but never the less:
    1. Having time this weekend to take photos I love and spend time with the kids at camp.
    2. Those Strawberry bears from Beyers - like Caramello bears but with strawberry inside
    3. My hubby - that cooks dinner and freezes it so I can have so much easier afternoons and evenings

    1. This is such a great exercise because it forces us to look for good things.

      I love Caramello bears :)

      Enjoy the time at camp!

  4. Waving hello!!!
    1. Gym - I've got this,
    2. Audiobooks - tons of them(!!!), and
    3. My gang... all rocking it at the moment.

    1. You have SOOOO got this gym thing! Yay to audio books and your lovely family :)

  5. Being healthy! We've had so much "sick" for the past few months
    The colours of autumn just amazing
    Having a roof over my head as the weather gets colder


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