Monday, June 19, 2017

My kids went away this weekend

taken about two months ago

So I've had low-level dread for weeks about my kids going away without us this past long weekend. They went camping in a caravan somewhere in the Pilanesberg.

Three full days and nights is a long, long time for me.

We've been separate from them for this long before but that was when we went to New York. And it's different when you're the ones left in the quiet house and the kids aren't there.

Aside from that time, they've slept out once for 2 nights but we were away too, and everything else (probably 5 - 6 nights in their nearly 8 years) has been a night here and a night there.

Of course D had no such qualms. He always says we all talk too much, and he likes the quiet.

I'm pleased to say I survived, and so did they.

We went out every day, I had friend dates on two nights, read, shopped, etc. and the weekend passed quickly.

I'm still not keen to repeat that a lot but at least I'll know I can do it. 

reunited at last!

Of course yesterday after our reunion, there were lots of tears because they then missed MIL and SIL.

Poor things!

Do you like having your kids go away?
If yes, how long and how often do they go away?


  1. DOnt laugh please but I do wish all 3 kids can be away at the same time - and we have some time alone.

    1. You've had a hard couple of months - I don't blame you :)

  2. Well done on this milestone. At leats there were no tears from them to come home. I remember my brother crying to go home to my mum everytime we stayed with a relative for an holiday when we were kids. I am already feeling sad about the up-coming holidays because Kaylan wont be around for 3 weeks. But I have to attend lectures in the evenings for the next month. So hoping that will help distract me enough.

    1. Oh, I forgot to ask you about your lectures! Good luck going in the cold... wrap up warm!

  3. Since my eldest, who is now 18, was a baby, we had a standing arrangement that the children spend a weekend per alternate month with one of the grannies, one living in Pretoria and the other in Johannesburg. It was totally bliss to have that time to ourselves. Now that they both much older, they don't do sleepovers at all .... and I miss that alone time.

    1. wow! That's a lot of time. I suppose if we'd been used to it I wouldn't have been so freaked out but they've literally spent about 5 - 6 nights away from me in their entire, nearly 8 year, lives :)

  4. Well done! You did it and happy to hear there were no calls to come pick up.... hope they had a good time. It shall be hard for me to do but time will tell


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