Thursday, July 06, 2017

What I read this month - June 2017

June was an interesting reading month.

I read 9 books - only the second month with less than 10 books this year. I do, however, plan to remedy that this month :)

I loved Alec Baldwin's memoir, Nevertheless. It was not as entertaining as Rob Lowe's one, but then again, he's had a much tougher life. And I am now following him and his wife on Instagram, shamelessly stalking them and their gorgeous children :)

I loved the Jodi Picoult (she is becoming a fast favourite, but you have to be in the mood for the heavy topics), the Jill Mansell and a new-to-me author, Milly Johnson.

I also loved Bittersweet much more than I thought I would. Today when I printed out my notes, there were 11 pages :0 I did an Instagram story to show how this works a few weeks ago, but go to your book in Kindle or Kindle app. On the top, click the little page with lines, it says My Notebook, click the box with the arrow pointing up, and Export Notebook to Email. I then print it.

I did not love the Carol Mason. If you like books like The Notebook, you possibly would enjoy that one.

I've also discovered when you highlight something, you can highlight, use that same box with arrow to share and then email just the highlight, or copy it into whatsapp/ Instagram (!!!).

Like this:

Kendra just came to ask me when I plan to do supper so that's all from me for now.

What did you enjoy reading in June? What are you looking forward to reading in July?


  1. I have weirdly enough started listening to audiobooks. I think my new job is so much quieter and relaxed, I am actually able to listen to the books, without numerous interruptions. I have also gone back to paper books, which means I read slower, because I cannot read in the dark.
    Everytime I listen to a podcast or audiobook, you cross my mind.

    1. I love that you now read audiobooks and that you think of me with podcasts and audiobooks too!

  2. Comment take 2!

    I can't believe you like Alec Baldwin that much he doesnt seem like your kind of person

    I'm hoping to when the mountains echo and when breath becomes air this month both different from my typical kind of book but happy to try new things.

    I've read 2 Jodi Picoult books i absolutely loved and 2 that made me feel like I pull out my hair! Like seriously I like animals but talking about elephants for more than half of a book is taking it too far and the other went from very good to what exactly was she thinking :)

    1. What is it about Alec Baldwin you think is not my type?

      I'm varied in my likes...

      What did you think of When Breath Becomes Air?


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