Monday, August 21, 2017

Books I read in July

Edited to add:

Thank you for all the great comments on my last post. I don't know if it's the topic or the 3 weeks without a blog post :) but I loved the engagement!


Gosh and golly!

I realised the other day that I didn't ever post about my July reads.

My July numbers:

Books read: 10.... and with those 10, I reached my reading goal of the year, 72.
Non-fiction: 3
Best non-fiction: Born a crime 4.5*
(the other two are blogger books which are never my favourite genre)

a note on Born a Crime - if you've read it and would like to discuss, I'm hosting a group Skype call soon. Comment and let me know as I want to schedule it for mid-September. 

Fiction: 7 
Best fiction: A Window Opens - Elisabeth Egan 5*
Honourable mentions: In twenty years (I love reunion books :)) and Summer House which made me think a lot about ageing.

This month I started a new page in my bullet journal - my books read page.

I continued and did a similar page this month - it's quick to update and helps when I'm doing my big Goodreads update every month.

What have you read recently that was a pleasant surprise?

Mine was A Window Opens - I LOVED it - surprisingly so or maybe because I hadn't heard about it all over the internet? Hmmmm.


  1. My reading has been shocking of recent. I read 1 book in July. But that was due to the evening lectures 3 times a week and Ugeshan was travelling for work which meant I was flying solo with Kaylan in evenings so there was not much time for reading. As you know I really enejoyed our bookclub read. It was the perfect light reading I needed. Going to start the new bookclub book today hopefully as I have assignments due next week :(

    1. I think you need to get your books on Audible during busy seasons and listen to your book when you're in the car.

      I add at least 1 book to my read pile per month via audible.

  2. I have been listening to Trevor Noah. I love the way in which he "performs" the book.

    1. I actually want to listen again and take notes :)

  3. I was just looking at that picture of your journal. The fact that you see the writing on the back of the sheet does not work for me. I would choose a journal with a heavier weight sheet. Just my irritating quirk.

    1. I am the same with notebooks and journals. I always look at the pages before buying and I wont use a gel pen if it's going to show on the other side of the page. Glad to see I am not the only one with the quirk

    2. it really is not at all noticeable - maybe it's the light? But this is a "brown" paper which is lighter (it's actually nicer to write on with gel than white paper)

      But I am so glad I'm not a perfectionist. It saves me tons of time and anxiety :)

      A heavier sheet would work. Which planners, etc. do you find that works best?

    3. Marcia, I use the Hammond Gower notebooks from CNA and those pages are the thickest I could find. I usully use a normal pen when using books that I know will sow gel pens on the other side. Trying to let go of my perfectionist habits one at a time. But it's a slow slow process ;)

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  5. Ha ha ha ha isn't it amazing I didn't notice until I read the comments and the. I went back to check! Yes that is one reason why I use gel
    Pens more for addressing cards and use my normal pens for writing but I guess I didn't even know that bothered me until now LOL


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